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Aurora - Colorado

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FB is Cleaning House - Dead Group Sweep

FB IS ON A ROLL-- and is cleaning (groups) house, baby! 路 For all my FB Group Owners past, present and future... 路 馃敼 锔廠hort version of this heads up: 路 FB is cleaning house and archiving fb groups that are not active. 路 鈼撅笍 From an IT admin perspective 鈼撅笍 路 From back when I was do ...

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Spammers and hackers are always trying to find new ways to grab your data--and one way is to PHISH. 路 Same concept as "fishing" but digitally, not with a line and pole. 路 #dataISmoney 路 ... 路 Let me repeat that hashtag: 路 馃挷 DATA 馃挷 IS 馃挷 MONEY 馃挷 路 With the way our lives have change ...

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Add a | rame to Your Profile Picture


essen rm tire wes + [TT

Did you know...You can add a beBee "frame" to your Facebook Profile!

If you have other accounts on other social media platforms (erm..who doesnt?聽 Raise your hand if you dont, let's chat!) you know that each platform gives you some extra toys to play with.聽 In this post, Im talking about the option that Facebook has rolled out to add a "frame" to ...

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in beBee Writers

Morents ore stored
n ow heats Lor Hose Hives
we need a smile.


)Stacy Thornbrugh @Natures Story Studio

Father's Day Memory Moments

Writing from the heart today--and usually every day... 路 Happy Father's Day to all you daddies...My wish is that you make wonderful memories with your children, and when they look back, they will have a special memory they will hold close.聽 路 As I reflect back on this #FathersDay ...

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in beBee Writers

Did you SEE
that logo
“Sally has?

if | can
oet one!

Creating a Logo You Will Want To Show Off

Creating a Logo You will Be Excited About: 聽 路 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 Your #Logo鈥擸our #Brand 路 Everyone wants a really cool logo when they start their new business鈥攁nd even when they are re-branding, sometimes, the logo gets a face lift too. I mean, a logo is what con ...

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8 2 :

lo fell somone
how MUCH they mean
fo you....if may be
you lose the opportunity.

memebyGlo 2017

Two Seconds To Tell Someone How Much They Mean To You

First, before you read any further..STOP. 聽Just for a second or two. 路 Take that 2 seconds to call your mom, dad, friend--anyone you care about. 聽 路 Just call to say Hi. 聽Grab your kid, your dog, your neighbor and give them a big ol' hug. 聽(I would advise against any kisses unles ...

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My Friend's Letter: Lack of Funding is Leaving Children Behind

Im sharing this post for my good friend Ashli Cox. I felt it was worth sharing. 路 Anyone that loves someone that has a hard time in school will understand. 路 Maybe sharing her letter will get it the attention it deserves--in my opinion. 路 Having had a hard time in school mysel ...

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An Avatar is...

What is an Avatar? 路 Well? 路 What do you think it is? 路 As part of "what I do" 路 I have setup and re-vamped more profiles than I can count on many social media platforms and team pages on websites. I have always thought I know the 路 difference between an avatar and a bio. (just ...

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Respect--Let's Meet in the Middle and Just Start Over

My first Honey post. 路 I feel things deeply sometimes and felt compelled to say something on this--why not make it my first post. 路 This morning I open my Facebook and LinkedIn to see that once again, more people have lost their lives聽again because they chose a profession to serv ...

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Use Your Voice Wisely

Social media is powerful. 聽We know this. 聽We hear it so much we dont even think about it any more. 路 Social media gives one a voice who may not have had one before. 聽It is so much easier to write your thoughts or comments behind a computer than if you had to do so face to face or ...

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