Planting Seeds of Goodness at Indiana University

Throughout my four years as an Indiana University undergrad, I’ve had friends and family members that always wanted to visit and have me provide them the “campus tour.” IU in Bloomington is one of the largest universities in the United States with nearly 50,000 students. There’s ...

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Stop! Maybe It's Time To Reassess Your Goals

A good friend of mine is an NCAA National Champion in his sport. Actually, I am being modest. He’s a multiple-time National Champion in his sport. At the end of every season, win or lose, he takes a week or so off of training to “emotionally recover” from the excruciating practic ...

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A LinkedIn Pollyanna Challenges Hate vs. Goodness

[Note: I have deleted my LinkedIn account, and would like to repost all my articles here so they will still be available online] · I am a “Pollyanna of LinkedIn” and I have a story to tell. · The other day, a very good friend of mine posted on LinkedIn about needing help locating ...

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Skip the Situps: My Effective Ab Workout

There are so many benefits to having a stronger core…. medical studies showing reducing belly fat lowers your risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes… a stronger mid-section improves mobility and reduces back problems. But for many people, the physical appearance of having a ...

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