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Ways to Reduce the Risk of Dementia

Ways to Reduce the Risk of Dementia



Matt Dapare

Dementia does not denote a particular disease, but rather a general term for the loss of cognitive functions, which include remembering, reasoning and thinking, as well as behavioral capabilities. Dementia can affect the basic daily life activities and functions of an individual. These functions involve problem solving, memory, self-management and language skills, just to mention a few. That being said, studies show that four in ten people fear getting dementia as they age. Although there are no proven ways to completely prevent dementia, there are some lifestyle changes that can help reduce the risk of dementia. Some of these tips are unveiled in the following article.

In order to reduce the risk of dementia, studies show that individuals should start taking care of their health and implement changes from a young age. These changes involve eating healthy foods, constantly exercising, quitting smoking cigarettes and exercising the brain. Incorporating these healthy habits into a lifestyle can certainly improve the overall health of the brain.

Exercise has direct positive effects on the weight and mental wellbeing of an individual as well as improves heart health and circulation. It is also important that an individual finds an exercise routine that works for him or her.

In addition to exercise, eating healthy also can help in reducing the risk of dementia. This includes eating fruits and vegetables, eating protein and starchy foods, drinking plenty of water, limiting the intake of salt, sugar and saturated fats as well as limiting the consumption of alcohol.

Individuals who smoke cigarettes should certainly quit as this a very bad habit that had plenty of negative effects on the body. These effects include increasing the risk of having dementia, type two diabetes and several types of cancer, just to mention a few. Smoking also affects blood circulation in the body, which includes blood vessels of the brain, lungs and heart. That being said, to reduce the risk of dementia, it is undoubtedly imperative to avoid or quit smoking altogether.

Last, but not least, is exercising the brain and keeping it active. When individuals challenge themselves mentally, they enhance their brain's ability to cope with dementia. Some brain activities include learning a new language, doing puzzles and quizzes, playing board games and reading books.

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