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9 months ago

Ways to Reduce the Risk of Dementia

Matt Dapore · Dementia does not denote a particular disease, but rather a general term for the loss of cognitive functions, which include remembering, reasoning and thinking, as well as behavioral capabilities. Dementia can affect the basic daily life activities and functions of an individual. ...

1 year ago

Aging in Place Communities Helpful for Dementia Patients

Matt Dapore · Everyone occasionally forgets where they put their keys, an important appointment or to water their plants. Mental health experts agree that forgetting information once in a while is completely normal. As people age, they may experience an increased amount of forgetfulness. This ...

4 years ago

The Healing Brain

Cyndi wilkins · Now is the time for us to recognize the ancient art of folk healing, and the sacred rituals that safeguard them."In the last few decades there has been growing interest in alternative forms of therapy on a global scale. This has stimulated the development of a kind of tourism for ...

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