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2 months ago

Post from Samuel Sunday Senior

Samuel Sunday Senior · Building A Lasting Brand Identity · So, you have a logo and possibly a motto, however that is not a brand. An excessive number of individuals in this world think that marking starts with picking a brand name and finishes with recruiting a planner to slap a couple of tones on any ...

3 months ago

How a Mortgage Can Affect Your Credit Score | Peter Palivos

Peter Palivos Attorney · When it comes to buying a house, the average person cannot afford to pay entirely in cash, so, instead, they opt for a home loan or a mortgage. And like every other primary line of credit, a mortgage will appear on an individual’s credit report, which measures a person’s ability ...

4 months ago

Post from Samuel Sunday Senior

Samuel Sunday Senior · Social Media Influencers Problem · Social Media Influencers ProblemHello everybody to fix trust you all are progressing nicely. What’s more, today we should discuss about the purported forces to be reckoned with that rule them. I believe that on a huge part, these web-based media ...

6 months ago

Post from Samch Ristan

Samch Ristan · How to Know If Introvert Black Singles Falls in Love? · How to Know If Introvert Black Singles Falls in Love? · Many single African American individuals from different walks of life join leading chat lines for Black. They are in search of a date that… · https://medium.com/@super_ ...

9 months ago

Ways to Reduce the Risk of Dementia

Matt Dapore · Dementia does not denote a particular disease, but rather a general term for the loss of cognitive functions, which include remembering, reasoning and thinking, as well as behavioral capabilities. Dementia can affect the basic daily life activities and functions of an individual. ...

1 year ago

Understanding Executive Coaching

Stuart Frost Laguna Niguel · When you enter into any career field, you have the benefit of working with a mentor, or trainer, who will make sure you learn everything you need to know. The same can't be said for entrepreneurs, or those stepping into high level executive roles, but coaching can fill that gap. ...

1 year ago


Greg Rolfe · Respect, this one word carries so much history. It also seems to have different meanings to different people. And while that is to be expected, should they be so different? After looking up the word in multiple dictionaries I began to understand why there exists the variations of ...

1 year ago

How Volunteering Will Change Your Life, Part 2

Wesley Oler IV · If you missed part 1 of how volunteering will change your life, click here. In part 2, we will be continuing with some of the benefits associated with volunteering and how it will change your life. · Volunteering is beneficial to your career: · Individuals that work at any organi ...

2 years ago


PD Scullin · Donald J. Trump is a man who deeply believes in justice and the rule of law. He came by The Lint Screen offices to discuss his views. · “I’m someone who wants to right wrongs,” the president said. “Last week’s testimony from Cohen was nothing but a bunch of lies. Cohen should go ...

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