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Two Seconds To Tell Someone How Much They Mean To You

First, before you read any further..STOP.  Just for a second or two.

Take that 2 seconds to call your mom, dad, friend--anyone you care about.  

Just call to say Hi.  Grab your kid, your dogTwo Seconds To Tell Someone How Much They Mean To You, your neighbor and give them a big ol' hug.  (I would advise against any kisses unless that is an acceptable practice for you). Because you never know when you will have missed that opportunity to tell someone how much you care, that you were thinking of them...that you love them. 

I have been struggling for many days to try to put into words what I am feeling--and I really wanted to start making honey (which sounds so weird considering Im not feeling very sweet at the moment.).  

I lost another person so dear to me last week, and I actually held it together until the viewing. (I needed to be strong for my honey as he was for me when I lost my dad).  My father in law was like a second father to me.  He totally stepped in when I lost my own father at the young age of 72.  Pops was 85 years young.   He was ready. No gory details, take my word for it.  He will be so very missed by all that knew and loved him.

I know..I know...everyone gets their wings (maybe a pair of horns too, I suppose).  It's a fact. Period.  (Unless you are a vampire and even then, there is a wooden stake with your name on it). 

I have said this time and time again, and I will continue to say it.  

(Yes, Glo, we know. In the blink of an eye, things change)

I know you know...and knowing that should make it even more urgent for you to make a POINT to make sure you tell someone what they need to hear while they can hear it.  So Im telling you, dont ever not pick up that phone, send that email or give that hug -- especially at the exact moment you think about doing it because there may not be another chance to do so 5 mins from now.   

Why do we wait to say all those wonderful things about a person when they are no longer around to hear them when it mattered the most?

Hey...Hey you!  Yes, YOU!  Sending all my beBees HUGS!"
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