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5 years ago

The Comfort Of A Smile

Michael D. Davis · What happened? Along our meandering path to success, Idle comfort, education and obsession we appear to have left a few things behind. · In pursuit of being civilized, we've forgotten what it means to be civil. · In our rush to become educated, we've lost our purpose for lea ...

5 years ago

The Warmth Of A Smiling Heart

Michael D. Davis · An ember burns within my soul. It lights my way and warms my heart with song. I let it burn brightly and touch those around me. · There are times when it barely glows, but is never extinguished. I stoke it continuously with the fresh life sustaining fuel of adventure, imaginati ...

5 years ago

The Source Of Your Joy

Michael D. Davis · There isn't a day in your life that you don't make choices. In fact it is your choices that define who you are. · The emotional, physical, social and spiritual choices you make and wear openly on your face for others to see, the way you talk and act determine not only ho ...

5 years ago

A Moment Can Last A Lifetime

Michael D. Davis · A split second decision to give a simple smile. Often that's all it takes to change someone from a stranger into someone who will listen and care. The sharing of a smile is certainly a more civil and congenial way to begin a conversation with anyone, including someone ...

5 years ago

Share With Me

Michael D. Davis · Our ability to share with one another is amazing in the modern era . We can communicate instantaneously, anywhere and any time. Yet we are more isolated than ever. We don't share in person, face to face, with eye contact, body language and an honest voice. Instead we toss our ...

5 years ago

Turning Points

Michael D. Davis · Do you recall the last time a small, seemingly insignificant, act of kindness directed towards you effected your outlook for the day, or perhaps even changed your attitude permanently for the better? If you can, then you know first hand how the tiniest effort to make someone fe ...

5 years ago

It's Not What You Think

Michael D. Davis · What is the value of life? What is the value of belief? · Does value exist only in misguided and arrogant ideology giving right and rise to power over others? · Regardless of the justification it is the worst of values to believe that one person is more deserving to be heard ...

5 years ago

Failing Forward

Michael D. Davis · Fear of failure often holds people so tightly in it’s grip it impedes the ability to · succeed. Fear can be a healthy thing when justified, but fear of failure is not healthy and something we need to better understand if we are to overcome it. · In simple terms fear is the i ...

5 years ago

In The Moment

Michael D. Davis · A life lived in the moment is a life bathed in the full light of opportunity. · All the speculation, preconception and preparation in the world is a mere speck of dust adrift in the universe compared to the experiences we will share today. The blessing we need more than anythi ...

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