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The Comfort Of A Smile

The Comfort Of A Smile

What happened? Along our meandering path to success, Idle comfort, education and obsession we appear to have left a few things behind.

In pursuit of being civilized, we've forgotten what it means to be civil.

In our rush to become educated, we've lost our purpose for learning.

In our climb ever higher on the rungs of the ladder of success, we've let the altitude of a thin heady atmosphere suffocate our down to earth judgement.

We've abandoned our smile for a furrowed brow of pompous self importance and become obsessed with taking ourselves and our peers way too seriously.

That's not too comforting. We should be smiling more than we do, with those we know, those we don’t and, most importantly, humbly at ourselves.


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Sara Jacobovici

5 years ago #1

Timely post . Thanks.

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