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4 months ago

The Importance of Exit Interviews

Desiree Peterkin Bell · The onboarding interview is a standard protocol among most companies; however, exit interviews don't show up as often. In fact, a lot of employers fail to see the value in questioning a soon-to-be-former employee on their way out. Here are just a few reasons why exit interviews a ...

7 months ago

Leaning In With Friends When Their Judgment and Behavior is Poor

Michael Toebe · “Some people lean in when their friends take heat, some people lean away. · “I decided I wanted to be a lean-in type, even if I didn’t always agree, even if it was their fault.” · Ryan Holiday · There is so much being communicated here and it’s important to recognize what is and ...

8 months ago

Why is Authority Still Self-Policing Itself, Often Without Oversight and Consequences

Michael Toebe · Self-policing might work for ethical people and organizations yet how trustworthy and reliable is it when healthy character and ethics are missing? · The following question within a headline caught my attention: Should the military continue to be allowed to police itself on sexua ...

8 months ago

How Strong is Your Humility and Courage in Reputation Adversity

Michael Toebe · Do you have the humility, courage and strength to confess significant errors to those who count on you? Not all leaders will own their errors and communicate it humbly to other people. · Warren Buffett has done so here (Warren Buffett's $10 Billion Mistake): · “I was wrong...in ...

1 year ago

Authority and Power Uncontrolled is a Reputation and Career Disaster Waiting to Happen

Michael Toebe · Authority without self control, while alluring to our base instincts, is incredibly dangerous. · When oversight and safeguards are absent, individuals with self-control shortcomings or glaring weaknesses are not going to make smart choices, protect people, an organization or even ...

1 year ago

Reputation Risk

Greg Rolfe · There are many ways to build and then destroy your reputation. Many of us have even taken classes on the subject in an attempt to avoid some of the more common options. I am sure that I am not alone in noticing that lately these events that build or destroy reputation are more in ...

1 year ago

Focusing on Brand Reputation

Stuart Frost Laguna Niguel · A good brand reputation is more important than marketing and advertising. Clients believe in experience and reviews more than any other marketing content. Once a bad review is noted, customers lose trust in the goods or services being offered. Below are the reasons why businesses ...

1 year ago

Carlos Ghosn’s Fight for Freedom and Reputation

Michael Toebe · Carlos Ghosn’s reputation has been under siege. Fear is driving his decision making and actions that might feel necessary emotionally yet are likely to keep him in a state of chronic high stress and legal danger. · How stressed in reputation crisis is Ghosn, the former head of Ni ...

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