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2 months ago

Web design trends. High fashion that's right for your website or app

David Hardin · Design trends are always something very bold, and sometimes even daring. Every business wants to make its website clear and user-friendly, which is why company owners are often afraid to experiment. In this article, we will show design trends that will not scare away the audience ...

2 months ago

Post from Peter Salzano

Peter Salzano · Peter J Salzano - Vitamins and Minerals - · Peter J Salzano - Vitamins and Minerals · PeterJ Salzano's Peter J Salzano - Vitamins and Minerals images from the web · https://weheartit.com/PeterJSalzano/collections/184911252-peter-j-salzano-vitamins-and-minerals

2 years ago

When you look at the world and it looks back what does it see?

Greg Rolfe · A very great deal of effort is put into image. The very core of self image is often dictated by what we believe others see or more accurately what we fear others see. The very real influence of image is what drives the consumer market and the advertisement industry. · But I expe ...

4 years ago

Hashtag, MeToo! A Letter To My Former Boss

Lisa Gallagher · Image Source: · https://www.dreamstime.com · I was so excited when I accepted the position you offered me. You 'appeared' to be professional and quite friendly, that is, until you began to show your true colors. · I'm guessing that your own job title (THE BOSS) went to your head ...

5 years ago

Photographic Freedom

Michael D. Davis · As a professional photographer and studio owner for over twenty years I'm used to the daily grind of carrying several pounds of gear to assignments. I like my gear. I don't love it or worship it as many people do. To me it's simply the tools of the visual communications trade ...

5 years ago

The Lightness of Being

Michael D. Davis · One of the things I like most about making images with my iPhone is how easy it is to quickly create and share. Let's take the above image for example. · The other morning our cat, being the ultimate sun worshiper she is, was doing her cat thing and seeking the warmth of the new ...

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