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Photographic Freedom


As a professional photographer and studio owner for over twenty years I'm used to the daily grind of carrying several pounds of gear to assignments. I like my gear. I don't love it or worship it as many people do. To me it's simply the tools of the visual communications trade.

Those tools are getting mighty expensive of late and it's becoming harder for a person to keep up with the changes and pressure to upgrade every six months to the newest and greatest gear. Its a fact that new image creators have yet to figure out that it's what's behind the tool, not the tool itself that is the creative force. These are the people that fall prey to the marketing hype that runs rampant in the digital photography industry.

This is why I am so happy to have the photographic freedom to create images with my iPhone. It's simple, light weight, extremely easy to use and even easier to share images with millions of people  within mere seconds of creating an image. It's a dream come true for the working photographer who just wants to be creative without being encumbered by the burden of pounds of equipment and the financial stress of maintaining it all.

I believe in keeping things as simple as possible. The iPhone allows me to do this, while still providing me with the ability to get as complex as I want in image enhancement through the use of photographic apps. I'll be discussing some of my favorites and I encourage you to do the same here as well. This is a place to learn and share and I look forward to meeting more of my fellow iPhonographers as people discover this resource. Feel free to join in the discussion and please share your questions and comments with me.


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Michael D. Davis

5 years ago #4

That's the Marketer's for you Tony Brandstetter. They like to perpetrate the myth that money can buy you two things; happiness and creativity. Neither come without time spent gaining knowledge on how to properly achieve them. Without the necessary educational understanding you're not going to be very happy with the results that expensive paperweight will produce. A wonderful exercise for anyone wishing to understand the principles of photography, whether digital or film, is to use their camera in manual mode until they are comfortable using this very accurate and complex scientific measurement tool. Until a person grasps what is being measured and how it must be controlled in order to achieve the results they desire it's all just luck and pre-programmed algorithms. I teach this stuff by the way in case you are wondering.

CityVP Manjit

5 years ago #3

It is a very important subject that you have touched upon Michael, because the 21st Century is about the movement to visual images and there is great skill involved in any form of photography. There is also an emerging body of knowledge to new pathways such as iphoneography. That I am limited in my own technology capacity at present is what blocks my progress in this area, but my learning journey must eventually embrace this visual intelligence. That visuals are used for entertainment simply is a function of what we as a society have been conditioned to, through 20th Century broadcast mentality. I will stay in tune with what you have to say not because it is entertaining, but because it is important.

Michael D. Davis

5 years ago #2

In the meantime I hope to keep you entertained with my musings & iPhotos Manjit

CityVP Manjit

5 years ago #1

The iPhonegraphy I have seen to date is quite impressive and as each few years pass, we are going to see Moore's Law operate at the visual technology development level, the way it has operated in terms of computing power. I am not presently partaking any technology upgrades for several years because I have chosen austerity as my present path. I no longer have a cell phone, my computer still says IBM, and in technology terms, I am symbolic of that Seinfeld episode where Kramer wants to see how far they can travel on an empty tank of gas. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TuEdU_lrtZk . . . but I digress, I look forward to the day that I too will participate in this age of visual images.

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