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1 month ago

4 Easy DIY Flea Sprays for Dogs You Can Make at Your Home Right Now!

Jesse McDaniel · Super easy recipes for some highly effective homemade DIY flea sprays, which are not only safer to use but can also help you to save your hard-earned money! · Source: https://www.canadapetcare.com/blog/easy-diy-flea-sprays-for-dogs/ ·   · #dogcare #dogowner #FleaTreatment #dogs # ...

1 month ago

Easiest DIY Halloween Costumes for Dogs in 2021

Jesse McDaniel · Halloween Scary Ghost CostumeWe’ve put together some of the trendiest DIY Halloween costumes for your dogs that you can couture easily at home. · View here · #Dogs #Halloween #PetOwner #Doglovers 

1 month ago

$20 OFF Coupon! Don't Delay! 10.10 Big Sale is Here.

Jesse McDaniel · 10.10 Super Saving is ON! Spend Min $120. Get Flat $20 OFF on Your Favorites Pet Supplies. 9-10-11 Oct Only. Use Code: CPC20FF ·   · #Video #PetSupplies #Dogs  #Cats #PetParents 

3 months ago

Post from Jesse McDaniel

Jesse McDaniel · [Watch] How Dogs Make Our Life BetterDogs bring enormous amounts of happiness in our life with their little paws and adorable puppy face. This national dog day, let’s appreciate our furry pals.  · Video Link: · National Dog Day 2021 – How Dogs Make Our Life Better · Dogs bring e ...

5 months ago

Post from Jesse McDaniel

Jesse McDaniel · If your dog is licking your legs and feet, you might be wondering why they’re doing it. Here’s few reasons why. · 7 Common Reasons Why Your Dog Could Be Licking Your Legs - The Canine Expert: · Dogs may lick your legs to attract your attention, express their emotions, gather info ...

4 years ago

We Love Our Dogs by Bill Stankiewicz

Bill Stankiewicz, 🐝 Brand Ambassador · A special thank you to: Islands Pet Center in Savannah, Georgia 31410 where I take my pets.  Their # is 912-898-4PET (4738) · Please enjoy this short poem & some pictures. · In my life, I’ve had about five . . . . . . . . . . . DOGS  ·  What naughty chewing little beasts they . . ...

4 years ago

Has Friday Funday Gone to the Dogs?

Susan 🐝 Rooks, The Grammar Goddess · Well, well, well. Will you look at that! It's another Friday Funday, and someone is completely ready for it. · I do hope your week has gone better than this pup's week appears to have, but in case it hasn't, I hope you can take a minute or two and just enjoy today's post! · And i ...

4 years ago

Who's Your Hero?

Mark Blevins · The college is closing for Christmas break after today. Since it will probably be good for me to go offline for a while, I don’t mind. It will be good to spend time with family who are in town during Christmas break. · Walked around campus to take a break from being online. Ther ...

5 years ago

Some Thoughts on Meditating

Mark Blevins · I was reading my email earlier and saw an article called Why Dogs Should Meditate on the Positively Positive Newsletter. I read a little of the article and it was interesting. · I thought I’d write about meditating in general. I started meditating when I trained with a friend in ...

5 years ago

Ontario Is For the Dogs

Phil Friedman · BACK IN MY SPIRITUAL HOMELAND, I AM REMINDED OF A SMALL THING ABOUT ONTARIO... · For the record, I spent a very substantial portion of my adult life living and working in Canada, and still consider it my spiritual homeland. · Canada displays a much kinder and gentler society tha ...

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