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Stuart Frost is a CEO and Founder operating within the tech ...

Laguna Niguel - California

4 Ways to Start a Business with No Money

Starting a business is a goal for many people, but many fail to follow through for the same reason – lack of money. What many people don’t know is that starting a business is more about resources beyond funding. If money is the only barrier to becoming a successful entrepreneur, ...

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Stages of Design Thinking

Design thinking is a non-linear process of finding solutions to problems. Ill-defined and unknown problems are the best-suited problems for design thinking. This method is useful for identifying user needs. Although each stage has its natural place, designers can start with nearl ...

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How to Create An eCommerce Brand That Stands Out

Your brand is the story around your ecommerce shop. It’s also the culture. It sets your shop apart from other businesses. For customers, this means they wouldn’t want to shop anywhere else because what they get from your online store is a unique experience. · Branding creates a c ...

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Building a Diverse and Inclusive Business

Building an inclusive and diverse workforce is more challenging if you're already established and your business is fully staffed. However, if you're just starting a business or have multiple openings, it becomes much easier to build a diverse team that works well together. This g ...

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Minimizing the Risks in a Business Venture

Starting any type of business venture comes with risks, but you can minimize those risks by developing a sound strategy. You should begin by choosing the type of venture you want to pursue and establishing goals for your business. Once you know where you're headed, the following ...

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Stuart Frost Laguna Niguel, California Professional Overview

Stuart Frost is a CEO and Founder operating within the tech industry, who has spent a lifetime developing his entrepreneurial skills by working in startups. Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs - his father worked in construction - some of Stuart’s earliest memories were going ...

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Building a Side Business

Many people dream of starting their own business but worry about the effect that taking the plunge can have on their financial stability. However, it is possible to build a business on the side while continuing to work full-time. · First, people should consider how they define "s ...

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Making Your Brand Stand Out

Establishing your business' brand takes more than simply maintaining an online presence. There are numerous competitors around the world who are offering similar products and trying to grab the same online attention for which you are vying. These tips can help you stand out ahead ...

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Running Empowering Meetings

Running effective meetings is an often overlooked skill. An effective meeting leaves its participants with a clearer understanding of their priorities, goals, and the business at large. An ineffective meeting can be a confusing waste of time and money. · An employee making $100K ...

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Paving the Way for Modern Start Ups

Each entrepreneur is primarily concerned with the success of his own business, but that doesn't mean the business won't make things better for future start-up businesses. In fact, there are several business that are successful and have produced products, services, or strategies t ...

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How to Take Control of Your Personal Brand

Every time you interact with someone in person or online, you are building your own personal brand. · Think of a brand as a story. When people think of a business, or a person, they associate that with a wider story that says who the business or person is. · By taking control of ...

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How to Choose a Business Co-founder

One of the fundamental issues that cause most startups to fail is insufficient team cohesion. Besides having a robust market-validated notion, it’s essential to select the ideal company co-founder for institutional success. The co-founder will identify the business blind spots an ...

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Navigating Your Business Through the Uncertain Times of COVID

Covid 19 has adversely affected small businesses. Businesses that are planning to reopen will still face challenges and harsh conditions. However, it is possible to navigate the devastating markets. Here are some ideas on how to navigate a business during this covid period. · Ide ...

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The Unexpected Expenses Working From Home

Working from home is often sold as a cost-saving measure. After all, employees no longer have the expenses of their commutes to worry about. There is no need to pay for work appropriate clothing, which often costs more. This also erases dry cleaning bills. The temptation to purch ...

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Focusing on Brand Reputation

A good brand reputation is more important than marketing and advertising. Clients believe in experience and reviews more than any other marketing content. Once a bad review is noted, customers lose trust in the goods or services being offered. Below are the reasons why businesses ...

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Understanding Executive Coaching

When you enter into any career field, you have the benefit of working with a mentor, or trainer, who will make sure you learn everything you need to know. The same can't be said for entrepreneurs, or those stepping into high level executive roles, but coaching can fill that gap. ...

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Five Tips on How to Streamline Your Business Operations

Regardless of how well your business is doing right now, there is always room for improvement and fat that can be trimmed to boost bottomline. Here are five tips on how to do that without hurting what's currently working for you: · Improve Your Website · Assuming that you already ...

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The Marketing Materials that You Need to Consider in 2020

In an era of “digital,” businesses can find an advantage by avoiding online marketing in order to make an impression via “traditional media.” 2020 businesses have realized that consumers are attracted to differences, so if you change things up just a little, you’ll grab more atte ...

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Building an Unstoppable Team as a Leader

Every successful business, organization, or group is built off of having a strong infrastructure and a cohesive team. Leaders are given this responsibility among many other duties. When a team is operating at its peak and optimum, it is an unstoppable force. Leaders can create un ...

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How To Stay Emotionally Resilient During Hard Times

Most of us don’t realize how lucky we are. From today, we take all kinds of things for granted. When trouble strikes though, we may be challenged in many ways. · In difficult times our true nature is often revealed to us and our emotional resiliency is tested. Here are some ways ...

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