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Rahul  Thapa Magar

Rahul Thapa Magar

Data Analyst
Malden, City of Malden, Middlesex


About Rahul Thapa Magar:

As a recent graduate in data analysis, my skills span statistical analysis, data visualization, and machine learning, all aimed at crafting customer-centric solutions. My educational journey in computer science laid the foundation for my deep interest in data science, where I first encountered the fascinating world of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. This initial exposure sparked a profound curiosity and led me to shift my focus more intensely into data science. 

During my studies, I honed my abilities to interpret and analyze data, emphasizing accuracy and efficiency. My approach is always geared towards understanding the customer's perspective, ensuring that the insights I derive are directly aligned with enhancing user experience and product development.

While I am at the early stage of my professional journey, my commitment to leveraging data for strategic decision-making is unwavering. I thrive in environments where I can apply my analytical skills to real-world problems, working under tight deadlines to deliver meaningful results. My education has not only provided me with the technical skills required in the field of data analytics but also instilled in me the importance of critical thinking and problem-solving in dynamic business environments.

I am eager to apply my knowledge in practical settings, where I can contribute to data-driven projects and collaborate with teams to uncover insights that drive innovation and efficiency. My goal is to continuously evolve as a data analyst, staying abreast of the latest industry trends and technologies to remain a valuable asset in any data-centric role.

In addition to my technical pursuits, I believe in maintaining a well-rounded lifestyle. I engage in activities like soccer and hiking, which foster teamwork and resilience – skills that are equally valuable in a professional setting. My interest in continuous learning is complemented by a habit of reading, keeping me informed and adaptable.

As I embark on my professional career, I am enthusiastic about opportunities that will challenge me and allow me to grow, contributing my analytical skills to create impactful, data-driven solutions.


  • Specialized in statistical analysis, data visualization, and machine learning to develop customer-centric solutions.
  • Focused on interpreting and analyzing data with accuracy and efficiency, tailoring insights to enhance user experience and product development.
  • Skilled in applying analytical skills to real-world problems, adept at working under tight deadlines to produce meaningful results.
  • Committed to using data for strategic decision-making, with a strong foundation in critical thinking and problem-solving in dynamic business environments.
  • Aims to continuously evolve as a data analyst, keeping up with industry trends and technologies.


  • Graduated in data analysis, with a foundational educational journey in computer science.
  • Deep interest and initial exposure to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence during computer science studies, leading to a focused pursuit in data science.
  • Education emphasized not only technical skills in data analytics but also critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

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