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Dipping my toe into a sea of anger

Dipping my toe into a sea of anger

As I sat down to write this morning I considered writing a simple yet angry letter about abortion. But as I thought of what I would say I felt that it would fail to help anyone. Anger does not help any discussion nor does it bring clarity or peace to the procedures. Abortion has become a hot topic for so many. Even for a vast many who are not even involved in abortions. People have taken up the cause to support one side or the other both claiming the moral high ground. So why write a post angry or not about this topic?

How is one more post going to help? Who even reads posts like that anymore? I mean we read the posts that support the position we have chosen. Then yell with anger at the opposing agenda, as if they are representing the very heart of evil. So why join in? Why lend yet another voice to this sea of anger and frustration? To bring peace? Peace to a 4000-year-old debate? Really?

So honestly why would I write yet another post? Perhaps to ask one question, Why? Why has abortion become such a political tool for manipulating people? Why have our children's lives become the focus of so many who have the agenda of controlling us? And that is the reason. I write because manipulation is the agenda, not children or women. It is not about the rights of women or the protection of children that this debate has become about, it is all about control. Who is in control? Who has obtained the right to tell you what to do?

Do I believe you should have the unrestricted right to kill your baby? No. But then do I believe I have the right to force you to have a child? No. Rights are a very precious and important responsibility. A responsibility that we have in vast numbers take not only taken for granted but ignored when they lead us to sacrifice in order to maintain them.

Many leaders want to take away our rights. And they will use any means necessary. They use the facts of responsibility against the people instead of explaining them. I told you abortion was a 4000-year-old debate. Now you might have a glimpse of why.



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