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6 months ago

Dipping my toe into a sea of anger

Greg Rolfe · As I sat down to write this morning I considered writing a simple yet angry letter about abortion. But as I thought of what I would say I felt that it would fail to help anyone. Anger does not help any discussion nor does it bring clarity or peace to the procedures. Abortion has ...

11 months ago

2021 is almost here

Greg Rolfe · Here we stand or sit, or well whatever, at the end of the 2020 year. A year that started with promise and opportunity. A year that held hope and a future. But here it is, ending with a whimper and basic irrelevancy. A year of hate and unbridled anger. A year where people intentio ...

4 years ago

Purposeful Anger

Cyndi wilkins · There are several wonderful conversations buzzing around the 'hives' lately addressing the behaviors that many of us find offensive and unacceptable on social media...or anywhere else for that matter. The comments sections are rich with input from many amazing thought leaders and ...

4 years ago

Standing on the precipice

Greg Rolfe · If you are involved even a little on any social platform you have noticed a vast barrage of hate and frustration. Post after post spewing hate and anger. Many of these posts are answered by supporters and opposition with many of the responses holding greater expressions of anger ...

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