Francisco Lopez

3 months ago ·

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Is time

It is time for the progressives to form their own party or
become independent and caucus with the democrats
and /or else, when necessary, as Bernie Sanders and
others do.

If the democrats have in their ranks people in the
pockets of special interests in opposition to the party
values and people's interests, the very popular Biden's
agenda and party platform, a green new deal in disguise,
will never be implemented and the party will remain the
Republican Party version 2.0, a safe hedge for corporate
America and the rich.

Is time for Biden and his party to grow a pair and get rid
of the filibuster, which the Republicans will not hesitate
a second to do if it suits their interests. In fact, they
already did, to pass the out of equilibrium tax cuts and to
fill the judiciary with political potatoes and hand maids

The Republicans play dirty, it is time, to the extent
legality, to play using their handbook. The progressives
shall make a social justice platform, which address
voting rights, civil rights and sound economics and
recruit, from school board up, people with these values,
intellectual acumen, and economic sense.
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