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3 weeks ago

Does a Two-stone Engagement Ring With an Emerald and a Diamond Look Beautiful?

Tyler Sinks · Discover the pure beauty of our combination of two stones that combine perfectly with sparkling and sparkling stones. This extraordinary masterpiece showcases the natural charm of two precious stones to create a truly magical and enchanting jewel. This emerald and diamond ring is ...

4 months ago

Yellow Sapphire: The Stone of Success and Prosperity

Tyler Sinks · Introducing the Yellow Sapphire Stone, a symbol of Success and Prosperity. This captivating gem, with its bright, sunny glow, is not just a pleasure for the eyes. It is believed to invite prosperity and good luck for its wearer. Our Yellow Sapphire stone is ideal for those who ap ...

4 months ago

Everything You Need to Know About Caring for Your Three-stone Emerald Ring

Tyler Sinks · Your three-stone emerald ring is a symbol of elegance and breathtaking beauty. To ensure it remains as captivating as ever, explore our comprehensive guide on how to care for your precious jewelry. From understanding the unique properties of emeralds to storing your three-stone e ...

4 months ago

Enhance Your Look with These Gorgeous Green Stones

Eric Baker ·   · Green stones have been used for centuries to enhance the beauty of clothing and accessories. Whether you’re looking for a subtle touch or a bold statement, green stones are a great choice. With a variety of shapes, sizes, and cuts, you can find the perfect green stone to enha ...

5 months ago

Explore Different Settings for Alexandrite Engagement Rings - GemsNY

Eric Baker · Discover stunning and unique settings for Alexandrite engagement rings at GemsNY. Our collection features a variety of designs to suit every style and preference. Find the perfect symbol of love and beauty for your special someone.

2 years ago

4 Great Books For Helicopter Pilots

Rick Lindsey · There are many books catered towards helicopter pilots. These books offer valuable tips for pilots to remember when they're in the air. Some of them even tell true stories of pilots who became heroes. Many of these books were created in hopes of inspiring pilots as well as teachi ...

2 years ago

Post from Bab Mijieah

Bab Mijieah · Failure actually is the stepping stone for success. It's an opportunity for you to have a self review and make necessary changes, needed. · What is your Failure? · You the universe: The Life Engineering Coaching material,The self awareness course material, making you what you m ...

3 years ago


Patrick Scullin · Roger Stone, the grand Trump trickster, was slapped with a 40-month sentence for being found guilty of seven counts of ‘very bad boy behavior.’ The recommended sentence by federal prosecutors for Stone was 7-9 years. · That was before Donald Trump had a twitter-rage and pout-fest ...

3 years ago


Patrick Scullin · Billy Boy Barr, the so-called Attorney General of the United States, is one happy camper these days. · “The bossman says I’m doing a tremendous job, a fantastic job,” Barr says, puffing his chubby cheeks like a ravenous squirrel at an all-you-can-eat acorn buffet. “Getting some s ...

4 years ago


Patrick Scullin · Roger Stone ain’t no stinkin’ rat! · The recently arrested political consultant and Trump whisperer called The Lint Screen offices to give the 4–1–1. · “Listen up, see?” Stone began the conversation, “I didn’t do nothin’ wrong, okay? Everything I did was all on the up and up, twe ...

6 years ago

Finally a Fair Friday Funday

Susan 🐝 Rooks, The Grammar Goddess · In the Northeast, we've been going on a rollercoaster ride of temperatures, from about 90F to 60F then back to 90. Finally today we should have a really nice, warm (not HOT) day, and I am really happy! · I'm also happy about being able to put together another edition of my Friday ...

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