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2 weeks ago

Things don’t have to change the world to be important. - (Steve Jobs)

Don Hornsby · Remember that even the most minor changes in your life for the better will be worth it in the long run. · #leadership #success #change #TodayMatters #PersonalGrowth

2 months ago

Post from Exela HR Solutions

Exela HR Solutions · #HR and #TalentAcquisition is more than just #Hiring. To get to the bottom of this, get a consultation from experts by switching to #ExelaHRSolutions. #HRSolutions Visit the site ehrs.exelatech.com to know more!

5 months ago

Disrupting Your Routine

Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris · You have to admit, Pixabay.com has some really cool images (most under CC0 license)!We hear a lot about disruption these days and how this or the other startup disrupts this or the other aspect of our lives, hopefully in a good way. But what about you as an agent of disruption? W ...

5 months ago

Adventures with Holly, Part 2

Rebecca Stewart · This is the second of a series of erotic stories I am writing. Here's the link to the first. If you haven't read it already, then you should do so before getting into Part 2. I believe in freedom of creative expression, be it sexual or otherwise. Someone expressed their distaste ...

1 year ago

5 Must Ask Questions before You Apply for a Business Loan By Steve Maleh

Steve Maleh · If you are not prepared to apply for a small business loan, you may feel like an ordeal. Until applying for a company loan to help you plan and put your best foot forward, here are five questions you should ask yourself. · Taking the time to properly analyze and train yourself b ...

1 year ago

Tips to Make Better Decisions for Your Business By Steve Maleh

Steve Maleh · How do you quantify the business risk better and make smarter decisions? · One of the most important things that business owners need to realize is the danger they face for their companies, both for the short and long term. In other terms, make sure you assess long-risk even whi ...

1 year ago

Have You Checked Your Business Credit Profile Lately? By Steve Maleh

Steve Maleh · Building and retaining a strong business credit profile can be an invaluable tool for small businesses but particularly for those companies that rely on borrowed capital to promote growth and other enterprise initiatives. Luckily, it is quite easy to handle your profile. · If yo ...

1 year ago

Essential Financial Metrics Every Small Business owner Needs to Know By Steve Maleh

Steve Maleh · Despite the fact you don't need to be an accountant or financial expert to build a fruitful and flourishing business, there are a bunch of monetary measurements you need to have readily available. These measurements will assist you with checking the money related soundness of you ...

1 year ago

Increasing Your Loan Options through Strategic Borrowing By Steve Maleh

Steve Maleh · Article Summary: It's normal for entrepreneurs to hold up until a need presents itself before they start searching for a small business loan. Adopting a strategic borrowing approach can help figure out business needs and enable an entrepreneur to foresee the requirement for busin ...

2 years ago

Steve Jobs - “Good artists copy, great artists steal.”

Edwin Dearborn · In the arena of marketing, the practice of “repurposing” is using content from one format and converting into another format. For example, one can repurpose the audio portion from a YouTube video and repurpose it as a podcast or even a blog post, once it is transcribed.  · In the ...

2 years ago

Customers Love Hearing Their Name - "Tips on Thursday" #115

Steve DiGioia · The sweetest sound is a person's name. When you use it, you create a connection far stronger than without. Go ahead, try it. · A cashier, when handing back the customer's credit card, says, "Thank you, Susan, hope to see you again soon". How did she know her name was Susan? By lo ...

2 years ago

Love & Always-Never

Dave Worthen · Let’s start at the beginning... · Always: (def) “Every time; on every occasion; without exception: · Cathy: “Will you always love me?” · Michael: “Always.” · Always means without exception. · Cathy asks the question because she has experienced Not Always. · Because there was an ...

2 years ago

The Memory of a Slow Dance

Dave Worthen · When I was in grade school, we had dances in our school auditorium. · Girls on one side sitting in those metal folding chairs. · Boys on the other side. · A record would come on and if it was “boy’s choice” we would rush to go pick a girl to dance with. · Dancing to a “fast song” ...

3 years ago

Sales Strategy Example

Brian Connell · This sales strategy example can also act as a template to document your sales plans and goals. Developing a robust sales strategy, one that can be implemented and measured is a vital cog in every company’s growth plans. Regardless of the service or product, business survival ...

3 years ago

A Peek Inside The Mind Of "A Very Stable Genius”

PD Scullin · President Donald J. Trump is proud of his new nickname for Steve Bannon — “Sloppy Steve” — but a dumpster dive at The White House by The Lint Screen reveals some other names that were in the running. · What follows is a list of rejected Bannon nicknames created by the man known w ...

4 years ago

Inspiration vs. Motivation, Steve Jobs, and Reverend Billy Graham

Dave Worthen · I remember when I was a kid watching the late Reverend Billy Graham on TV. · Holy Cow. · This guy was inspiring. Although I grew up in a fairly religious family, at that time in my life I was questioning religion, period. · But dang, it was hard not to believe Billy Graham. I me ...

5 years ago

Here Is Some of the Sh*t I Think About

Steven Marshall · Editor's Note: I enjoy driving because, quite often, I do some of my best thinking during that time. Read on and enjoy. As always, you can find all my blog posts from 2013 to the present on my website at http://stevemarshallassociates.com/steves-blog/ · Nah! · Two days ago, I w ...

5 years ago

There's Sound Thinking and Then There's Thinking That Sounds Good!

Steven Marshall · Editor's Note: My grandfather was an old Swamp Yankee, and he had some great common sense sayings. The title is just one of them. Enjoy. As always, you can find all my blog posts from 2013 to the present on my website at http://stevemarshallassociates.com/steves-blog/ · Swamp ...

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