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Disrupting Your Routine

Disrupting Your Routine

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We hear a lot about disruption these days and how this or the other startup disrupts this or the other aspect of our lives, hopefully in a good way. But what about you as an agent of disruption? What could and would you disrupt (apart from some commercial niche through a killer app or something)? Could routine be a good candidate for disruption? Why?

Routine is essential in a structured life, especially if there are others involved whom you need to help feel safe. After all, predictability is the holy grail of many professions and roles, as it ensures constant revenue and mitigates risks. But predictability can also make things stale and boring. I have nothing against boredom since, for creative individuals, boredom is the beginning of creativity and learning. But too much boredom can be challenging, even depressing. Those who've experienced it during that time before internet access was widespread know what I'm talking about, even if we all tend to romanticize that period of our lives a bit…

Disrupting routine is all about breaking the established patterns, expressing spontaneity, and doing something new. It's an expression of youth, a state of mind that isn't always coupled with age (even if there is a strong correlation between them!). You can be youthful even if you are close to retirement, while you can in your peak age and still feel old (memories of my classmates in high school spending most of their free time in coffee shops playing backgammon attest to that).

"Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration."  - Thomas Edison

Disrupting your routine can make you more creative too. Do you think Steve Jobs or Elon Musk would be as creative (and commercially successful as a result) if they were clocking in 8 hours at the office every day, performing routine tasks? Or would an artist be creative if she were stuck in some similar pattern? Many people confuse routine with discipline, while Steven Pressfield (a former marine and a prolific writer and author) wrote a lot about that. However, he emphasized the value of discipline and sticking to a routine when working on a creative project, not because it's essential for creativity, but because such a project involves several tasks that aren't particularly creative. Anyone who has authored a book can attest to that. Creativity makes us inspired; in a way, it's a channel for our inspiration. But as Edison famously said, "genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration." Whether he was a genius or not is debatable, but he was on to something. Perhaps he was talking about his rival, N. Tesla, who was a true genius, who knows?

In any case, highly successful people (in whatever sense of the word befits them) tend to have a limited routine in their lives. From entrepreneurs to content creators, it seems that it's super challenging to peg them down to a 9 to 5 work schedule or put them in a box of processes and expect them to perform. They are disruptors, first and foremost, of their routine and then of the world at large when the latter responds to their actions positively.

When I'm not disrupting my routine through articles on this or the other platform, I work on Data Science and Cybersecurity projects. And when I feel like writing about my experiences and any insights from these projects, I write on my blog: Check it out when you have a moment!


Javier 🐝 CR

1 year ago #2

Completely agree. It is necessary to be brave to progress and to be better. We are afraid to face the difficulties of change, especially when it affects third parties. It is very motivating to take disruptive steps when you realize that you should have done it before . this has happened to me both professionally and personally .

On a professional level with bebee, we have gone from almost certain bankruptcy to a path of success with no return, seeing light and opportunities everywhere when before it was all shadows. We had to get rid of the previous team that was already very contaminated and it was all very disappointing. We had to abandon everything to start from scratch but it has been a success. A path of healthy , organic and foreseeable exponential growth if we do things right .

On a personal level as a couple I was not happy. My divorce this year has been a before and after in my life. We have had a very hard time, especially my children, but I am very happy to have been brave enough to take this step. I am infinitely better than before, nobody affects my decisions anymore. You have to be brave, the sun always rises somewhere. Always.

Now I only regret not having done it before. I regret not having rushed both professionally and personally these two changes before. We say “nunca es tarde, el momento es ahora”

Renée 🐝 Cormier

1 year ago #1

I have difficulty appreciating people's need for sameness and predictability. As humans we seek out ways to enhance our sense of satisfaction and happiness. I'm not convinced prolonged sameness and predictability will give you any joy. It's exhilarating to squeeze through difficulty and land in a better place. The harder you hit the ground, the higher you bounce. 

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