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5 years ago

A moment in the life of an insomniac

Lisa Gallagher · I have suffered from insomnia for the past 5 years. I won't go into the why's in this post. Let's just say I can rock the night shift really well at this time in my life. · When we were in Maine back in early May I wanted to get a beautiful shot of the sun rising over Penobscot b ...

5 years ago

My Vacation and The Dirty Details I didn't Share (Inspired by John White)

Lisa Gallagher · Tonight I read a post that John White wrote titled, "Here's What I didn't Post on Social Media This Week." John's post was a profound message about the trials and tribulations experienced that are not often talked about on Social Media. His post gave me the courage to write a few ...

5 years ago

The Fog Lifted, Mind Was At Peace (True story with photos)

Lisa Gallagher · We all get burned out or have stress that can last for long periods of time. If we endure stress which may be on-going for more than 6 months it can feel as though you've fallen into an abyss. Usually, when stress has been a part of our daily lives 24/7 it can lead to anxiety and ...

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