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4 months ago
Christe Clarke

Post of Christe Clarke

Christe Clarke · Check out the impact of automation in the legal profession and how it affects paralegals. · Legal Tech: How is Artificial Intelligence and Automation Empowering Paralegals? - TechiePosts.Com · Artificial intelligence, commonly called AI, is transforming the legal profession in se ...

1 year ago
Steven Marshall

Eloquence and Elegance

Steven Marshall · Note: I have been listening to the final exchanges between members of the Senate Sub-Committee hearings for the nomination of Judge Amy Barrett to fill Justice Ginsburg's seat on the US Supreme Court. Some of it has been profound and uplifting; some has been nothing short of syco ...

3 years ago
Steven Marshall

What Ever Happened to Grace, Civility, and Humility?

Steven Marshall · NOTE: This is my latest observation on cultural life in America. It is in severe decline. It is primarily centered around the decline in grace, civility, and humility. Enjoy. As always, you can find all of my blogs from 2013 to the present on my website at https://stevemarshallas ...

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