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1 year ago
Peter Palivos Attorney

Why it’s Important to Volunteer in College

Peter Palivos Attorney · Volunteerism is a practice that should be carried out by everyone at least once in their life. Not only does it give a great sense of gratitude and perspective about your own privilege, but it also genuinely makes the world a better place. Both the givers and the recipients of vo ...

1 year ago
Victor Notaro

Becoming Financially Stable as New Parents

Victor Notaro · Becoming a parent is a big step in life with an immense amount of responsibility. It can be an incredibly happy time for new parents, but just as equally stressful. With hospital bills, diapers, formula, and starting a savings account for the child’s future, it is an overwhelming ...

1 year ago
Victor Notaro

How to Begin Saving for College

Victor Notaro · As a parent, one of your biggest dreams for them is to attend college. Since you attended school, the price of tuition has skyrocketed. Every day there are new articles and stories warning how expensive college is and the amount of debt that students are in because of it. This is ...

1 year ago
Herrick Lipton

Prioritizing Mental Health in College

Herrick Lipton · College can be a time of new experiences and growth. Young adults take on new responsibilities and learn how to take care of themselves. Soon, they are in charge and in control of their lifestyle and education. This type of pressure can easily have major effects on their mental h ...

2 years ago
Marilyn Gardner

Why Volunteering in College is Important

Marilyn Gardner · Going to college marks a very important stage in a person’s life. It is the time when they grow from adolescence into adulthood while figuring out who they want to be in life. This is the time of new experiences and finding discoveries about oneself. This is why college is the be ...

2 years ago
Victor Notaro

How to Develop Healthy Money Habits in College

Victor Notaro · To become a financially stable adult, you need to develop healthy spending habits early on in your life. Remember, your spending habits will eventually make or break your credit score, determine the amount of money in your bank account, and can even negatively impact your levels ...

4 years ago
Preston 🐝 Vander Ven

Warnings that you are on the Wrong Path

Preston 🐝 Vander Ven · All your decisions you made someone else made for you. · You’re only doing what you’re doing because it’s safe. · You have chosen the easiest possible path. · Obstacles are what you see instead of Opportunities. · You have a started a lot projects and haven’t completed any of the ...

4 years ago
Bill Stankiewicz, 🐝 Brand Ambassador

Savannah, Georgia Oversize/Overweight Load Escort Vehicle Operator Certification Program, taught by Bill Stankiewicz, Savannah Supply Chain Executive

Bill Stankiewicz, 🐝 Brand Ambassador · Dear Bee's: · SAVANNAH TECHNICAL COLLEGE · Savannah Technical College serves Coastal Georgia with quality, market-driven technical education with campus locations in Chatham, Effingham and Liberty Counties. Serving more than 4,500 credit students each semester, Savannah Tech offe ...

4 years ago
Randy Keho

College's Offer Gender-Nuetral Housing, Accept "Other Gender Identity"

Randy Keho · This is one of the dozens of vintage magazines I discovered in my parent's attic and it motivated me to conduct some further research. · Since this once-shocking cover shot appeared in Life Magazine in 1970, 90 percent of all colleges in the United States have transitioned to at ...

5 years ago
Matt Sweetwood

Choosing the Right College or No College: A Real-Life Case Study

Matt Sweetwood · My 5 children are now all over 20 years old. All 5 have gone through the anxiety of applying to colleges and the apprehension of waiting to receive an acceptance and financial award. All 5 went to one of the best public schools in the country; known for its placement of students ...

5 years ago
Lisa Gallagher

Girls, Their Teenage Years and Beyond- There Is Hope!

Lisa Gallagher · Parents have many nostalgic moments, tonight was one of those nights for me. I was watching a program on TV and it brought me back in time, it reminded me of the struggles my daughter encountered when she began High School.  · Prior to entering High School my daughter had hung wi ...

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