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2 weeks ago

How to Grow Your Customer Lifetime Value - Shopify

Claus Lauter · How to grow your Customer Lifetime Value [Shopify] · In this video, I talk with Valentin Radu, CEO & Founder omniconvert.com, about how to improve customer lifetime value and retention rate using customer behav... · https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=un25fjwCN5U

4 weeks ago

Consultant Marketing Solo DoubleTrouble

Jerry Fletcher · You made the break. · You decided to put your consulting career on the front burner. You decided that it is time to make that side hustle your full-time job. · Two considerations. · You need to think about two things that will make or break you. I’ll bet neither have managed to t ...

9 months ago

How to Lead Through Adversity

Michael E Parker · Throughout my 20+ years as a CEO and entrepreneur I’ve found that great leaders don’t just demonstrate their skills during times of success. Their character remains the same, even during adversity. The past year has stretched all of us in our leadership skills. We’ve had to adjus ...

1 year ago

Stuart Frost Laguna Niguel, California Professional Overview

Stuart Frost Laguna Niguel · Stuart Frost is a CEO and Founder operating within the tech industry, who has spent a lifetime developing his entrepreneurial skills by working in startups. Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs - his father worked in construction - some of Stuart’s earliest memories were going ...

1 year ago

Consultant Marketing It’s Not the App

Jerry Fletcher · I’ve been doing testimonial videos for a client this week. · I’m not a video production expert. My equipment is rudimentary. I use Camtasia to edit. But the quality is sufficient for web sites and the candor I can evoke in the interviewee comes across powerfully because it is no ...

1 year ago

A Life of Joy

Jerry Fletcher · When people ask what I do I answer: · “I’m a master of consultant marketing. · You know how everybody tells you how you have to be memorable but nobody tells you how to do it? · What I do is guide independent professionals to a unique trust-based strategy to build their busine ...

2 years ago

Consultant Marketing 4 Proposals

Jerry Fletcher · It has been a long week here at the south end of the sidewalk. Wasn’t feeling particularly well and editing video always tuckers me out. · A challenge · The bright spot in the week came when one of my clients challenged my thinking. I thoroughly enjoy that sort of interchange ...

3 years ago

Is Digital Business Transformation Really For You?

Doyle Buehler · The journey of business transformation can be a long one if you're not prepared and ready.  · What does it take to succeed? And how can you put all the pieces together?  · How to decide if business transformation is what you really need to activate your business?  · First, look a ...

3 years ago

Upcoming book release: Hacking The Truth

Dave Worthen · Hacking the Truth is my soon to be released book to help executives, managers, entrepreneurs, and anyone who leads, get down to the truth in situations that are blocking expansion in your business. · This work spans forty years of working with CEO's, Executives, and small busines ...

4 years ago

JPMorgan Offers Bitcoin Futures To Clients

Edwin Dearborn · After the CEO of JP Morgan Chase harshly criticized Bitcoin, emerging reports states that the financial giant is planning to allow its clients to trade Bitcoin futures. · A few weeks ago, the CEO of financial services giant JPMorgan, Jamie Dimon, criticized the popular cryptocurr ...

4 years ago

A Simple Conversation

Cyndi wilkins · A read a wonderful article this morning on Transformative Thinking in business, and for that matter life in general, written by Edward Lewellen in Chief Executive Officier - CEO, Directors and Executives, Sales , seen here: · https://www.bebee.com/producer/@edward-lewellen/leader ...

4 years ago

You Talk Too Much!

Steven Marshall · Note:  I had a major jolt to my psyche in the past two weeks from two different clients. As well as I think I know myself, then events can come along to surprise even me. See if you can identify with the following. Enjoy! Previous installments of my weekly blog can be found on my ...

4 years ago

American Grammar Checkup: Do You Really Know How to Use These Three Punctuation Marks?

Susan 🐝 Rooks, The Grammar Goddess · Yup, here's another American grammar post, just to help you be sure you know the basic punctuation rules. Please remember that it's American grammar, not necessarily any other form of English; each version has its own rules, and many times they're different from the American ones ...

4 years ago

To Be Successful, Get Rid of The Losers in Your Life

John White, MBA · Photo: Flickr · To be successful or as beBee CEO, Matt Sweetwood, would say, "To Live a Big a Life" one of the first things I learned was I needed to get rid of the losers I was associated with. It's something I've been working for the past several years as I've transitioned away ...

4 years ago

How to Build a Killer Brand

Jerry Fletcher · It has been one of those months this week. · Planning. Candid conversations. Decisions to hire and fire. Web site assumptions and dialogues. Quality constraints and requirements. Analytics that spiral positive and those that went down in flames. · Brands suffer the impact becau ...

5 years ago

What is Success?

Steven Marshall · Note: This is my perspective on the definition of success.  As always, you can find all my blog posts from 2013 to the present on my website at http://stevemarshallassociates.com/steves-blog/ · As I begin my 38th year in the world of business and my 64th year on this plane ...

5 years ago

A Quick and Easy Tip to Grow Relevant Followers on beBee

John White, MBA · I get asked all the time about growing followers on social networks. People want to know, do I need quantity or quality followers? It's almost like they think they have to choose one over the other. · My answer is simple: if you are using social media for business or as a medium ...

5 years ago

SMS - An Often Overlooked, Yet Extremely Effective Communication & Marketing Tool

Steve Gerritsen · In this digital world we live in, everyone always seems to be looking at their phones. · Our phones are with us all the time. We use our phones for everything, literally. · Many people now keep their phones on and at their side 24 hours a day. · We live in a society that is gl ...

5 years ago

How To Succeed As An Entrepreneur

Candice 🐝 Galek · When you’re the owner and CEO of your own company, you end up wearing a lot of hats – especially in the beginning when you’re just getting your business off the ground. You’re the marketing manager, ideas person, accountant, payroll administrator, office manager and sometimes eve ...

5 years ago

The Disconnect Between Trust and Broken Trust

Steven Marshall · Note: Continuing down the path on the subject of trust, here is another case history from the client file when I had to be the messenger that informed the client that he had broken a bond of trust, and he was completely oblivious to it! Enjoy. · Previous installments of my weekly ...

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