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Is Digital Business Transformation Really For You?

Is Digital Business Transformation Really For You?The journey of business transformation can be a long one if you're not prepared and ready. 

What does it take to succeed? And how can you put all the pieces together? 

How to decide if business transformation is what you really need to activate your business? 

First, look at how technology facilitates your true strengths and then create value in the process at every step of the way. It can't just be a one-hit wonder. And, it needs to include everything. 

 "Making sure that you're very clear about what systems you're already using. And ask is the technology the best way to do that? At what point does there have to be a human layer to this. At which point is technology helping those humans do their jobs better?"  

Marta Grutka takes us on our latest journey of transformation on the #TransformationThinkTank with classical brands empowering employees and business goals around the world. 

What to do? Look for patterns and deeper meaning to your transformation. Be clear about your culture and your purpose. What are you missing out on? 

This is Episode 2 Part 2 of The Transformation Think Tank Show #ChiefDigitalOfficer #CEO #digitalmindset #transformation

Watch the full Episode #2 (Part 2) With Guest Marta Grutka

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