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10 months ago

Beginner's Guide to Boating

Brox Baxley · The world of boating is an exciting one but also a bit complex, especially for new boaters. Learning how to operate and navigate a boat safely is a demanding activity that requires high concentration, strength, and coordination. The following are steps aspiring boaters can take i ...

11 months ago

Boating's Growing Popularity

Brox Baxley · Lately, boating has become increasingly popular and there has been a huge increase in boat sales. Vast numbers of people are making their way to the water to partake in fishing, sailing, waterskiing, and other activities pertaining to boats. There are several things that could ex ...

2 years ago

You're Invited to Join the Port Royal Group Forum (@Facebook)

Phil Friedman · WHERE THE CONVERSATION ABOUT YACHTS AND THE YACHTING INDUSTRY IS LIVELY, CANDID, AND 100% INSIDER... · The Port Royal Group for Yacht Builders, Buyers, and Owners has been operating on LinkedIn for nearly ten years. · Recently, we’ve undertaken a makeover of our group and, at the ...

3 years ago

It’s Good To Be Back Testing and Reviewing Yachts for Major Magazines

Phil Friedman · GETTING OUT ON THE WATER IN YACHTS LIKE THE RIVIERA BELIZE 54 IS A TOUGH, GRUELING JOB... BUT SOMEONE HAS TO DO IT... · Returning to freelance writing for some of the major yachting magazines is something I've wanted to do for a while -- as testing and reviewing yachts is truly a ...

4 years ago

Ezibuoy Appoints Phil Friedman to Lead Marketing Effort...

Phil Friedman · Ezibuoy Pty Ltd. and Phil Friedman of the Port Royal Group sign agreement for the introduction of revolutionary mooring pick-up system to North America... · October 20, 2017, Fort Lauderdale, FL ― Ezibuoy (™) of Perth, Australia and Phil Friedman of the Port Royal Group, Fort Lau ...

4 years ago

For Immediate Release: Innovative Approach to World Cruising Unveiled

Phil Friedman · BOAT-IN-a-BOX (™) SETS SAIL TO REVOLUTIONIZE WORLD-CRUISING FOR YACHTSMEN ... · June 23, 2017, Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA — Phil Friedman and the Port Royal Group announced today the launch of their Boat-In-a-Box  (™) project. According to Friedman, the company's core mission is ...

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