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2 weeks ago

6 Reasons Why SMART Goal Setting Does Not Work for Female Entrepreneurs

Tineke Rensen · #business · #usa #unitedstates · Do you have a list of business goals? If you’re a female entrepreneur determined to be successful in business, I’m sure you do. You might even think of yourself as “goal-driven,” too. You understand how important setting goals is to stay focused, ...

3 weeks ago

When, Selling High-Ticket Prices, becomes Impossible for Female Entrepreneurs

Tineke Rensen · #business · #pricing #b2b #coach · What pricing strategy are you using as a female entrepreneur? Is it the right one for the product or service you offer? What factors do you include when you’re determining your prices? How can you use your pricing to maximize sales and profits, ...

1 month ago

5 Tips on Developing Your Mission, Vision, and Core Values as a Female Entrepreneur

Tineke Rensen · Do you have a mission, a vision, and core values for your business? If you’re only starting out as a female entrepreneur, or if you think your company isn’t sizeable just yet, you may be wondering, do you even need them at all? What are they for? What’s the difference among these ...

1 month ago

6 Tips on Work-Life Balance for Female Entrepreneurs

Tineke Rensen · Having a healthy and functional work-life balance is hard for a busy businesswoman, right? More so if you’re working from home, or if you’re a working mom. It’s even harder when you’re a solo female entrepreneur. You have so many responsibilities, so many hats to wear, so many du ...

1 month ago

Grow your Sales with these 5 Easy Tips for Female Entrepreneurs

Tineke Rensen · Is growing your sales the most challenging and complicated element of your business? I hear you. It’s a broad and complex area, with so many moving parts. What strategy should you use? Which phase should you focus on? Where do you even start? Add to these the many coaches out the ...

2 months ago

16 Tips on Creating Engaging Content for Female Entrepreneurs

Tineke Rensen · Creating content is essential when you’re trying to build a relationship with your ideal clients. Yet, many female entrepreneurs struggle with it. It’s time-consuming, tedious, and to be honest, creatively draining. · And no matter how much effort it takes, you always have to do ...

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