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2 months ago
Benny Henson B

Litigation Support Services

Benny Henson · LSW provides high-quality litigation support services to attorneys, law firms, and corporate legal departments. We have substantial litigation assistance expertise, which helps us to comprehend cases and deliver effective results. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us at info@le ...

3 months ago

Post from Sean Dagel

Sean Dagel · We understand how difficult it is to focus on your core jobs while also managing legal back-office tasks. Therefore, Cogneesol offers its expertise and assistance in managing back-end law office tasks so that you can focus on your overall goals. To know more, visit: https://bit.l ...

10 months ago

How to Buy a Home With a Low Credit Score | Peter Palivos, Attorney

Peter Palivos Attorney · The entire home buying process is confusing and overwhelming, but it is possible to secure a home loan with low credit. Bad credit is like a dark raincloud over any significant purchases that go beyond paying cash, so it’s essential to understand how to read a credit report, find ...

10 months ago

Must-See Veteran Documentaries | Peter Palivos, Attorney

Peter Palivos Attorney · Veterans that have served in any branch of the military deserve their country’s highest regard and appreciation. They give up their lives and loved ones to fight for strangers’ freedom and the protection of whichever nation they serve. One of the best ways to honor the sacrifices ...

10 months ago

What Gun Control Looks Like in Other Countries | Peter Palivos, Attorney

Peter Palivos Attorney · Other developed nations have laws controlling gun ownership that are very different from regulations in the United States. Unlike Americans, the residents of most other countries are not assumed by law to have the right to own a gun. · United Kingdom · In the United Kingdom, most ...

10 months ago

How to Volunteer While Social Distancing | Peter Palivos, Attorney

Peter Palivos Attorney · Maintaining social distance doesn’t have to mean an end to community involvement. While in-person gatherings do pose a threat, it’s still possible to continue volunteering without risking COVID-19 transmission. · Crisis Lines · Crisis lines are an online mental health service for ...

10 months ago

Best Volunteer Opportunities in Las Vegas | Peter Palivos, Attorney

Peter Palivos Attorney · With the global pandemic and subsequent isolation, many people in Las Vegas want a sense of normality to return. They have a desire to form more profound and meaningful connections with their communities. Volunteering offers people a chance to meet these needs, with the bonus of ...

4 years ago

The Travails of Ghostwriting

Joyce 🐝 Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee · I am learning the ropes of ghostwriting. We have some wonderful writers here on  · bebee.com, so the path is easier. Some of the realizations that have smacked me in the head have come hard. It has given me the basis for questions to ask those of you more knowledgeable in here. · ...

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