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About me:

Hie I am Sean Dagel, Sr. Paralegal at Cogneesol with an experience of almost 7 years. I am an expert in legal office management, document review, eDiscovery, and much more. I assist law firms to effectively carry out end-to-end legal tasks and help them achieve desired goals. 


Masters in law, International Law and Legal Studies from Meriden school


I've been in practise for nearly 8 years, working with Cogneesol. As a senior paralegal, my job is to assist attorneys. My areas of expertise include:

1. Conducting client interviews and keep in touch with the client in general.

2. Locating and questioning witnesses.

3. Investigate, conduct statistical and documentary research.

4. Drafting Legal documents, correspondence, and pleadings.

5. Compile a summary of depositions, interrogatories, and testimony.

6. Participate in will executions, real estate closings, depositions, court or administrative hearings, and trials with the attorney.

Author and sign correspondence as long as the paralegal status is clearly stated and the correspondence contains no independent legal opinions or legal advice.

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