Manuel Chinchilla da Silva

Manuel Chinchilla da Silva

Miami - Florida

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About me:

Manuel Chinchilla da Silva is the Founder of Southern Procurement Services (SPS), a leading innovator in the oil and petroleum industry. Given Manuel's passion for problem-solving, he spends his days seeking new ways to maximize available resources and simplifying existing processes.


Engineering University of Zulia


Founder Southern Procurement Services (SPS) Manuel Chinchilla da Silva was first inspired to establish his own business while he was an intern at Petróleos de Venezuela Sociedad Anónima, where he gleaned further insight into the oil and petroleum industry and discovered how companies mine and utilize natural resources. With a newfound sense of determination, Manuel went on to form Southern Procurement Services (SPS), an innovative company that strives to produce and introduce innovative processes tailored to the industry.

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