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How Music Therapy Helps Individuals With Autism

Music therapy is used to lower blood pressure and relax tension in the muscles. It can serve as a method for reducing stress as well. One major benefit of music therapy is its positive effect on those suffering from autism. We’re going to take a look at how music therapy helps. · ...

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The Best Ways to Teach Music Virtually

For music teachers, the COVID-19 pandemic has created many hurdles that can be extraordinarily tricky to overcome. In the wake of social distancing measures, most music teachers have shifted their attention to online classes for the time being; certainly, these kinds of lessons c ...

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Science’s Take on Music Education

When the superintendents of struggling school districts start looking into which programs to cut, the arts are inevitably the first to go. And of those cuts, the band is more than likely going to be on the top of the list, considering the costly nature of maintaining instruments ...

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The Relationship Between Music and Artificial Intelligence

What does AI have to do with music? It has a lot to do with music, and artificial intelligence impacts music in considerable ways. Artists and performers have come to recognize that technology prevents the music from ever being anything like it was twenty, thirty, or forty years ...

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Great Tips For Music Educators Teaching Virtually

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit American soil earlier this year, teachers were sent into a frenzy due to being forced into teaching virtually, not understanding the challenges that would come from that. Teachers face new struggles each day as they attempt to educate the youth of A ...

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How Music Can Help Us During The Pandemic

With the COVID-19 pandemic still in full effect around the world, many people are looking for ways to cope with our new normal and connect with others from the comfort of our homes. The modern world has many forms of entertainment that can fill those gaps – television, movies, vi ...

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The Best Acoustic Guitars of 2020

So you’ve decided that you want to play the guitar. You’re about to go on an adventure and learn a wonderful instrument. The problem is, you likely don’t own a guitar do you? If you don’t, and you also don’t have anyone to borrow one from, you’ll have to make the tough decision t ...

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Tips For Choosing Your First Instrument

Music is a wonderful thing that has the power to bring people together and make us feel emotions we might not feel very often. While listening to music is great in its own right, creating music yourself can be an even more magical experience. The great part? Anyone can make music ...

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Learning A New Musical Instrument As An Adult

There’s a common misconception that once you’re an adult with adult responsibilities it’ll be impossible for you to ever learn how to plan an instrument.  This is, in fact, far from the truth. Anyone can learn to play an instrument regardless of their age, all it takes is patienc ...

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The Effects of Music on Pregnancy

and Child Development

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The Effects of Music on Pregnancy and Child Development

Music can have a powerful effect on people’s thoughts and emotions. What many don’t know is that it can actually have a major impact on a child’s growth even before they are born. Certain types of music can have great effects on pregnancy and areas of early child development. The ...

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How Music Can Improve Your Work Performance

We listen to music when we are feeling happy, sad, angry, and many other strong emotions. Music has the power to enhance our emotions or calm them down, but it can also encourage productivity. While some may think music can be a distraction while working, it can actually boost pe ...

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The Psychological Benefits of Music

Music can have many effects on our mind and emotions. We listen to music when we are feeling sad, happy, angry, content, and more. This is because music has such a powerful way of impacting our mentality. According to researchers, listening to music can have incredible psychologi ...

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How Music Helps Children with Autism

Autism can be diagnosed at a very young age and can be overwhelming news for parents. Although a child with autism can go on to have a very normal childhood and life, getting to that point can be a challenge. Lacking certain social, verbal, and cognitive skills and abilities is s ...

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Music and Social Change Series

Recently I started a series of blogs about the exchange between music and social change around the world! · I just released a blog about the impact of rock & roll on united states politics, and vice-versa: · ...

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