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We Keep on Learning, Right?

We Keep on Learning, Right?

Have you ever realized how little you know about so many things? I learned something today about my car -- and communication.聽

The picture below shows the little orange icon that popped up on my car's dashboard halfway through a 50-minute drive this morning on the highway. It didn't blink but it also didn't go away ... and it scared me because I had no idea what it was.聽

And honestly, with the exclamation mark in the middle, it looked like a punctuation mark.聽

Danger! It seemed to say. But from what? Why?聽

Everything in the car felt, looked, and smelled fine, so I kept on driving, asking my hard-working guardian angel to just let me get to my destination safely, where I could find out more about the light.聽

When I got there, I took a picture of it and showed it to my friend, who immediately knew what it was "saying":聽

Low. Tire. Pressure.聽

Uh huh. Doesn't that icon just scream "Low Tire Pressure" to you? No, it surely did not to me either.聽

If it's something important, why wouldn't the designers make these icons look more like what they represent? Couldn't the words "tire pressure" or "low tire" have been used?聽

George Bernard Shaw's saying fits here: "The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place."聽

Lesson learned: The way we see things is not always the way others do. It's important to check ...

Muchas gracias por leer y responder, @Yorledy Vivas! 隆Realmente lo aprecio!
AI / computers are wonderful when they work as intended, John Rylance; I bless having a cell phone every day. And at least I know now what the "low tire pressure" icon looks like -- in case it happens again to my car or a friend's.
And of course I did drive the 15 or so extra miles to my friend's house, @Zacharias Voulgaris, but my heart was in my throat, so to speak.

John Rylance

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A while ago I had a warning light alerting me to a problem with the oil level. There wasn't, but the warning light kept returning. I was told to ignore it. Not the best thing to do, but manual checks would always show the oil level was right. Eventually it gave up flashing, which then made me wonder if something was wrong. It wasn't. Do you just love computers with minds of their own.
Most of the warning signs on a car's dashboard are there to necessitate a visit to the mechanic. I wouldn't worry too much about it. Once drove all the way to Canada and back with that silly warning signal on throughout the trip. And when I finally had it checked, as part of the regular car service, it turned out that it was some malfunctioning sensor. Go figure!


4 years ago #1

S铆, estamos en constante aprendizaje y eso, aunque aveces no lo podamos ver, es una maravilla. Saludos.

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