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How to Save Your Job and Reputation When You Make a Huge Mistake at Work

How to Save Your Job and Reputation When You Make a Huge Mistake at Workgm<br />
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We all know people who blame their failures on everything but themselves. X happened because of Y, they say, or it wasn't my fault. But there are some reasons some people may have difficulty in owning up to their mistakes.

Starting from a young age, we establish how we view ourselves. When we make a mistake, it challenges our self-concept, resulting in mental discomfort and tension, or cognitive dissonance -- in real life terms, mistakes sting our ego.

Regardless of what form self-justification takes, it's designed to keep your self-esteem intact by reducing your responsibility for the mistake or failure. That's why taking ownership of our mistakes and shortcomings requires courage. While we are naturally inclined to shield our egos from blame when we make mistakes, too much self-justification can harm your relationships and your professional life.

Mistakes are inevitable aspects of life that help us grow, and grow up. Here are some of the benefits of owning up to your mistakes.

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