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3 days ago

How to Make Sure Your Employees Feel Valued at Work

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · Free On-Demand Webinar · When: Anytime · Where: Online · Cost: FREE · COMPLETE THE FORM TO WATCH NOW · Webinar Description: We have a foundational human need to feel valued, to feel appreciated, to feel like what we do matters, and is recognized. In HR we talk about “total reward ...

1 week ago

Change your life today. Don’t gamble on the future, act now, without delay. - (Simone de Beauvoir)

Don Hornsby · Now is the time to make changes. Don’t wait until tomorrow. Today is the day to do that deep work.  · #TodayMatters #Leadership #Success #Work #Coaching #PersonalGrowth

3 weeks ago

Freelance Update

Nicolas Martinez ·   · I hope that you all are well. · Because of my current schedule, I won't be doing any freelance work for a while with animation, illustration or storyboarding. When I am back doing my freelance work, I'll be sure to let you all know. · To all my clients, I really appreciate th ...

4 weeks ago

6 HR Tips Building Authentic Relationships at Work

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · FREE WEBINAR - WATCH ON DEMAND · When: Anytime · Where: Online · Cost: FREE · Fill the form to watch the webinar · This webinar details the five critical lessons your managers need to learn, what you can do to support them along the way, and how you can ensure conversation works ...

4 weeks ago

How to Create a High-Performance Culture In a New World of Work

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · FREE WEBINAR - WATCH ON DEMAND · When: Anytime · Where: Online · Cost: FREE · Fill the form to watch the webinar · As organizational priorities continue to shift, it’s important that you effectively listen, support, and engage your employees on every step of your journey. Putting ...

1 month ago

I didn't get there by wishing for it or hoping for it, but by working for it. - (Estée Lauder)

Don Hornsby · Don't be afraid to put in the work to take you where you want to go. · #success #leadership #work #change #TodayMatters #coaching

1 month ago

Our attitude toward life determines life's attitude towards us. - (John N. Mitchell)

Don Hornsby · Don't forget to take time today to do something creative, positive, and enjoyable! · #Work #Success #TodayMatters #Leadership #MondayMotivation

1 month ago

6 Tips on Work-Life Balance for Female Entrepreneurs

Tineke Rensen · Having a healthy and functional work-life balance is hard for a busy businesswoman, right? More so if you’re working from home, or if you’re a working mom. It’s even harder when you’re a solo female entrepreneur. You have so many responsibilities, so many hats to wear, so many du ...

4 months ago

Post from Factory360 Experiential Marketing Agency

Factory360 Experiential Marketing Agency · Tips to Help you Analyze your Experiential Marketing Agency · When hiring an experiential marketing agency, make sure to go through the portfolio of their work to get a good idea about their quality of work. Also, understand the specialties of the agency and discuss your strategy ...

4 months ago

Post from Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris

Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris · Quick question: what's you biggest pain point in your line of work, related to data?

8 months ago

The Top 5 Cities for Women in Tech to Work

Ember Conley · For the longest time, women have been looking for the best jobs that do not just fulfill them financially but psychologically as well. This means great working conditions and smaller pay gaps between them and their male counterparts. · According to the SmartAsset seventh list of ...

10 months ago

Let the storms come

Greg Rolfe · Let the storms come · Each morning we get up and go to work, hoping to have a good day or a least one that doesn't create too many issues. We generally enjoy a week that goes by easily and smoothly, where the work is accomplished and the clients are pleased. We rejoice when the b ...

11 months ago

Making Your Commute More Productive

Michael E Parker · Your commute to and from work can be tiring and frustrating at times. For some individuals, a commute could last anywhere from one to two hours just going one way. However much time you have during your commute, that time could be used to help you in a variety of different ways. ...

1 year ago

How Managers Can Encourage a Better Work-Family Balance

Ember Conley · While many adult lives revolve around work and family, it can be challenging to find a balance between the two. Some are people all work and no play, yet others fail to deliver as an employee because they are always running to their family’s aid. Being on either side of the coin ...

1 year ago

The Different Roles That Leaders Play

Wesley Oler IV · What do you think when you hear the word leader? For many people, an all-imposing figurehead comes to mind rather than a specific task or role. Being a leader isn’t a universal role that someone has over others; instead, a leader is someone with many different roles, all of which ...

1 year ago

Ember Conley on Creating a Work-Family Balance That Works for You

Ember Conley · Finding the right balance between your career and your family has never been easy, but the coronavirus lockdowns have made it even harder to draw that line. The first rule for keeping that line separate is to set aside blocks of time for work and for your family. Even if you have ...

1 year ago

The Best Pre-Law Majors

Richard Foster · A degree in law is a great option considering all the fields within the major of law. Still, law school is incredibly rigorous and competitive. Law school takes a great deal of hard work and mental strength to persevere. Passing the bar exam is another beast. Depending on what co ...

1 year ago

Keeping Healthy Boundaries Between Work and Home

Ember Conley · Work-life balance is one of the biggest challenges for many workers today. That’s arguably been the case since email became common in the late 1990s. Freelancers and talent agents certainly deal with this issue on a daily basis, and have for years. However, with the COVID-19 epid ...

1 year ago

The buzzing bee

Greg Rolfe · Stepping out into the yard the grass slightly damp with the morning dew brings a sensory hit to my waking body. The light from a large orb over powers my optic nerves causing my eyes to water and head to twist. The wet cold grass contrasting to the warm sensation of the sun ligh ...

1 year ago

How Music Can Improve Your Work Performance

Jo Michael Scheibe · We listen to music when we are feeling happy, sad, angry, and many other strong emotions. Music has the power to enhance our emotions or calm them down, but it can also encourage productivity. While some may think music can be a distraction while working, it can actually boost pe ...

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