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Dems Will Kill Patriotic Americans, Their Pets, And Ruin Our Lawns!

Dems Will Kill Patriotic Americans, Their Pets, And Ruin Our Lawns!

Donald Trump, Jr. spoke last night at the opening of the Republican National Convention, and he may have sealed his destiny as the successor to his father in the White House.

Looking very presidential in a big boy suit, shined shoes, and shiny tie, Junior painted a dire landscape of America if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris get elected.

"It will be the end of democracy," Donnie boy said. "The Democrats have a pact with Satan to destroy everything good in our country. They will burn our flags, kill your parents, and slit the throats of our beloved pets. But that's just the start of it."

The young, handsome chip off the old' block began pounding the podium for emphasis.

"Liberals will tie you up and make love to your spouse in front of you. Then, they are going to take your guns and drink your liquor. They'll tear the sheets out of your Bible. They will find your valuable coin collection and spend it at liberal laundromats that don't sort colors–– because that's the politically correct way to do the wash."

The heir apparent used a megaphone to amplify his voice into the microphone.

"The socialists want dirty minorities to move in next door to you and cause your housing values to drop. There will be rats and roaches everywhere, fires in 55-gallon drums, socialists with flame throwers roaming the streets, and burning patriots to a deadly crisp. The Democrats want to demolish our beautiful, safe, comfortable suburbs. They are going to plant weeds in your lawn and put streaks on your spotless windows!"

The dapper very honest man of integrity began speaking in a hushed tone.

"But here's the part they won't tell you. Biden will command his people to dig up the graves of all your loved ones, collect the bones, and build an altar to Satan–– because that is who they worship. Not God. Not Jesus Christ, our Saviour, and Redeemer. No. They are soldiers of pure evil."

Our future president took a deep breath and continued.

"Listen, I don't want to be an alarmist, just a truth-teller. Did I mention they want to kill your children, too?"

What a beautiful night it was in honor of re-electing Glorious Leader. We can only hope he will sign an executive order and chuck democracy for a monarchy–– SO A TRUMP RULES FOREVER!


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