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Creating Memorable Customer Experiences

Selecting the best combination of software systems and tools to get your business to the next level can be incredibly frustrating. At the moment there are no less than 75 to 100 choices for a business owner to select from for a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM), Business Management System, or Marketing Automation System. Each one of these systems vary in their user experience, system capabilities, compatibility with other systems, and price. This massive overload of options can cause many entrepreneurs to give up the fight and stick to the manual solutions that have worked up until now. Doing this not only stagnates the growth of the business, but it will begin to hurt sales as customers have better buying experiences with other providers of the same products or services. And buying experiences are one of the most important things that a business can offer potential clients today. A quick Internet search for your products or services will show you just how may options your clients have at their fingertips on a daily basis. So what is the difference from spending money at one place or another? It is how the customer FEELS during and after the process. Creating memorable experiences for each client that you interact with is a hallmark of a great business. Business technologies now allow you to create that personal experience for greater numbers of customers. But it is up to you, the business owner, the entrepreneur to mold that experience into something unique to you. Add you own flavor, style, or twist to the normal expectation. Become the custom solution, not just another choice on the shelf. - JR

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