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Change is an adventure; just not for you

Change is an adventure; just not for you

You might recognize a need to change but truly and genuinely despise the idea. So, what do you do? Do you seek a change that is within you comfort but not quite what is needed or do you actually change; I guess the third option is do nothing.

Change is needed yet frustrating simply because it is the rearranging of what we know and do. Change is the option of risk, the seeking of improvement but at the loss of the status quo. It is true that for some even many, change is the adventure of the moment and is seen as exciting while for the rest of us change is not what we look forward to.

So what do you do? Will you take the risk and change or will you play it safe, knowing you will face loss and remain? May I recommend avoiding the third option of changing only half way to the goal? Honestly you already know it is a bad idea but it is one we tend to talk ourselves into. The change that is just enough for us to believe we are solving the problem yet not enough to feel vastly uncomfortable is tempting. The half hearted jump very rarely succeeds and very often produces punishing results.

When you recognize the need for change determine what needs to be changed and to what degree it will need to change to obtain the solution you are after. Then either go for it or step on the brakes. If change truly is a need, do not let fear slow you down.


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