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Can you hear me?

The Sound of Silence", originally "The Sounds of Silence", is a song by the American music duo, Simon & Garfunkel. The sound of silence is often considered a song about the difficulty of communication. How we talk but never are able to transmit the information. The true absence of people being heard. 

This concept is still very much apparent today. We seek to transmit an idea to another only to be met with silence. Our idea hits a dead wall and def ears. So instead of speaking we write, placing our thoughts on paper simply to see them written on walls, ignored. 

So now we sit, wondering, struggling, desperately hoping to share a point, one simple idea. To tell a waiting world one simple idea. They are loved. This simple idea is shouted down by actions and speeches in mass. The wind carries the voice of the world declaring with authority that no one loves you. But even this message is blown apart creating even more uncertainty. 

Can we argue? Can we truly and honestly declare that they are loved? We believe that they are, but do even our actions and words support that simple message? What does love look like? True love, not the Santa Clause motif. Love that carries you through the hard times and holds you close when the world shouts in your ear. We can talk about God's love, but is that love lived out by His people? 

The sound of silence was powerful simply because it was so true. Transmitting an idea is very hard. Words must agree with actions. And both will fight against emotions. So you feel loved? Do you feel the hand of God holding you safe against the torment of the world? Perhaps if you have learned faith, but what of those who stand in the full force of the wind? Love, a simple idea, but also very complex. Love.

You are loved. This is a fact, regardless of emotion or personal opinion. You are loved, even when everything you trust says differently. You are loved, even when all evidence declares that you are not. You are loved. You might whisper “by whom?”, only to hear the shout of silence. 

You are loved by the one who shed His blood so you might spend eternity with Him. He loves you. He wants to walk with you now, and indeed for all eternity. His name is Jesus. He is the Christ, the one who came to save. He came to set you free. Free, to live in love and peace. Will you take His hand? Will you accept His word, His idea, His truth? You are loved.




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