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10 months ago

The Oil Industry and COVID-19: What to Know

David Grislis · About a month ago, the oil and gas industry reached an all-time low. The demand for oil dropped rapidly due to the spread of COVID-19, more commonly known as the coronavirus, right as Russia and Saudi Arabia flooded the market with an excess amount of oil. This left the market to ...

1 year ago

Can Rouhani deliver on the Iranian nuclear deal’s economic promise? - Amir Handjani

Amir Handjani · Last month, six weeks after implementation of the Iranian nuclear accord, parliamentary elections gave Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and reformist politicians a clear mandate. Despite recent successes, though, Rouhani can hardly rest on his laurels.  Backers of the centrist cl ...

4 years ago

Why, do we ask, why?

Fancy J London · When you start to think about all the awful things going on in this world, your mind starts to swirl around, you begin to act like a child asking, “WHY?” · 'Why do I have to go to college'? · 'Why do I have to work two jobs'? · 'Why do I pay taxes for people who don’t want to wor ...

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