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2 years ago
PD Scullin


PD Scullin · “Jamal Khashoggi did indeed die in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul,” Abdullah Ahmad, a spokesperson for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia told The Lint Screen. “But the circumstances around his unfortunate death are not what people suspect.” · According to Ahmad, when Khashoggi entered ...

4 years ago
Jerry Fletcher

Brand is a Conversation. Are You Listening?

Jerry Fletcher · Less is less. · John said, “make it short and sweet. Copy these days…almost any information needs to be bullet points. Everything has to be quick because people don’t have time for a lot.” · Early that afternoon I was meeting with a client’s web jockey. He was complaining about ...

5 years ago
Julio Rodriguez

5 Reasons Why You Haven't Closed The Sale

Julio Rodriguez · Closing the sale. The final step in the sales process to creating a new client or keeping an existing one. Many sales professionals struggle at this last step and often fumble their way through one of the most critical steps in the sales cycle. · Here are 5 of the most common rea ...

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