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5 months ago

Post from paul wegman

paul wegman · We hope this blog has helped to gain ample amounts of knowledge about what’s right and what’s not with regards to ticks and fleas on pets. · Original Source: https://www.bestvetcare.com/blog/common-flea-and-tick-myths/

5 months ago

The Net of Knowledge in Data Science (and Beyond)

Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris · Source: pixabay.com“Knowledge and Know-how in Data Science form a net of sorts. The fewer gaps in your knowledge, the finer the net, and the better your chances of catching insights in the data.” - Some data scientist ·   · I was never into fishing, especially not the one involvi ...

1 year ago

7 Things You Need To Walk Away With After the Quarantine

Edwin Dearborn · Someday soon, you’ll be out of your quarantine. · If you do not have these 7 things after your quarantine is over, then it was not a “lack of time”, but a lack of discipline on your part. · One: More Knowledge · There are tons of online books, online courses, podcasts, blog posts ...

3 years ago

Approaching Leadership in 2018

Harvey Lloyd · Pic : · https://www.flickr.com/photos/kakissel/6242818496 · Help me get to where you are. · Seven very easy words but can change the outcome and face of a company. · The last few years have described leadership assuming that everyone else knows what you know and have drawn the e ...

4 years ago

Learn, Do, Teach

Preston 🐝 Vander Ven · During a webinar I recently attended, I listened to a guest speaker David. Even though I took notes for about almost two hours, one nugget stood out to me the most.  This was this phrase. “Learn, Do, and Teach.” · David said that I needed to keep learning.  Yet, this was not in a ...

5 years ago

The Journey Is Everything

Harvey Lloyd · A picture can show us many things and conjure up different emotions. · I used to pass a graveyard everyday going to work. · Not sure why but one day seemed to be different, I looked at all the granite and different ways that folks remember their loved ones. That day i saw every ...

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