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Approaching Leadership in 2018

Approaching Leadership in 2018

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Help me get to where you are.

Seven very easy words but can change the outcome and face of a company.  The last few years have described leadership assuming that everyone else knows what you know and have drawn the exact same wisdom from this knowledge.  Where “I” am, is not necessarily where you are.

In leadership we carry the burden of not only bringing the company forward but also bringing those in our charge forward also.  Sure we should hire those who are best suited for the task, but no one has seen your vision or you methods of success.

Settling into the new year always brings new thoughts and challenges as we review the previous years journey.  I would like to not create a new years resolution but rather plant a seed.  A seed, if you will, of perspective change.

Consider the following points:

  • Knowledge is at the fingertips of anyone willing to search and ask questions.

  • Discernment is the process of parsing, aligning and summarizing this information into actionable line items.

  • Wisdom is the cycle of the two above and what we learn from our experiences.  A refining of our narrative.

Those we have chosen to help lead our company, wherever their job description has placed them, are somewhere in the cycle leading to wisdom.  Change being a constant, then it would also state that the cycle of knowledge to wisdom is also constant.

The cycle is in one of four states within us:

  • Flowing through change, in order, in a reasonable timeline

  • Lacking knowledge or efforts to retrieve

  • Discernment that has lead to judgement with opinionated outcomes that are not actionable

  • Inability to reflect on knowledge+discernment and gather the wisdom needed to go forward.

There is a constant within this process that can be inhibitive.  Pride.  You may have another term for this such as stubborn, hard headed, arrogant or many other such adjectives that describe an individual.  They complete the cycle but it always comes to an outcome they can feel secure, empowered or successful.

In leadership we can choose to correct or coach the individual.  The operative word is chose.  It is a choice for 2018 we should consider.  Within our personal and professional relationships we have this choice.  We all have an automatic response related to a perspective of contempt to conflict avoidance.

A note on correcting.  Correcting establishes only two outcomes.  The outward view of the behavior has changed or it has not.  Right or wrong.  This will always lead to an acceptable team member or a team member who is no longer with the company.  But what if we want exceptional team members?

If i could be so bold as to plant a seed of coaching where you deem it viable within your paradigm.  If you make the choice to coach then give some thought to the following:


We can't know it all.  Given this premise, we all take what we do know and discern our next steps within our life experience (wisdom).  Often times though to introduce new knowledge, not formally considered, imposes self-critical thinking upon learning.

If the individual is stuck here then use caution as you approach the knowledge deficit.  Utilizing books you have read or speakers you have listened to, allow the individual to seek the answer on their own.  You pose the question, not the answer.

Knowledge deficits usually indicate poor habits of learning.  Perfectionism can lead to singular skills that get outdated as individuals do not like to take risk with new knowledge or skill development.

The leader should fully understand that at one point they too were in the same spot.  It was difficult to let go of what worked yesterday, for a changing future.  Lead the individual to self correct in this area.  Make it their idea.

Not to get deep into the fake news conversation, i would state we are all highly susceptible to this type of news.  Knowledge when presented by a trusted associate, boss or a source we otherwise trust may still be fake news unless we discern our own personal position from multiple perspectives.  The originating source maybe alerting us to something, but the reality that it was presented within, may make it fake or less earth shattering.


This is a word that has taken on a bad definition.  In short it is merely the process that one goes through to eliminate that which is not relevant and prioritizing facts germane to the goal or task.  In some ways it is really reducing the chaos into actionable concepts to disseminate to the team.

Discernment is not judgement.  Judgement is a unilateral concept that we act on.  Discernment is the process of gathering knowledge, team inputs and self reflection of previous outcomes.


Coaching an individual stuck here who always aligns knowledge into very simple boxes the same way every time, is not an easy task.  They will always seek knowledge that fits their box, instead of seeking new knowledge that may remove or add a new box.  If the individual believes the world is flat, they will only filter information according to that paradigm.

In leadership this is not a right or wrong scenario.  It is a perspective issue.  Our wisdom (life narrative) builds the boxes.  The longer we use the boxes as our filter then the harder they become to remove.  But there is another deeper phenomena that is attached to the boxes.  The boxes are our identity.

In coaching this individual you most first start with honesty.  Tell them up front that you would like to walk with them, mentor, through discernment best practice.  You can use any word you choose but the idea is to coach them to get the best information build a new box that can be accepted or rejected.  No you will not be changing their boxes but rather helping them see different boxes that may or may not be relevant to the goal.  With repetition they can begin to seek outside of their box views concerning future endeavours.


“Wisdom is something that’s hard to define and yet somehow we know it when we see it. The wise people stay calm in a crisis. They can step back and see the bigger picture. They’re thoughtful and self-reflective. They recognise the limits of their own knowledge, consider alternative perspectives, and remember that the world is always changing.”  Claudia Hammond  http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20170124-how-to-be-wiser

Everyone has access to knowledge and will discern this knowledge and make decisions.  Wisdom is the ability to self reflect and accurately self assess.  This cycle can also lead to the helpless hopeless cycle, but that is beyond the scope of this post.  Being able to accept yourself as a less than perfect person is the type of self assessment i am referring.  Seeing life as a cycle of ups and downs that with each cycle i am growing in wisdom is the target.

If you find an individual stuck here they are likely to stand very firm and tall on thin air as they face new frontiers.  The King has no clothes story comes to mind.  If change is a constant then wisdom ebbs and flows with the change.

Think back five years ago.  Try and capture your thoughts of the future you now live in.  Does it match?  This is not a question of are you better off, but a thought about how wisdom changes our perspective journeys along the way.  Five years ago i was asking questions about the future for which i had no wisdom.  My question, goals or perspectives could and most likely were faulty.  The cycle presented here would establish that as a fact that we live with each day.

This is the hardest of the three areas to coach.  This area pokes your nose in the tent of an individual's belief systems, emotional paradigms and a narrative that is fully developed.

The first and most important coaching point is to help the individual see they are part of a system, not the system themselves.  A race car driver may be able to ride around a track 200+ mph and win the trophy.  This success is predicated on raw material mining, exploration, engineering and a team of people making decisions about track conditions and car setup.

I was asked to come and lead a small national construction firm.  My caveat was to work in each department from job cost accounting, estimating through project management.  The owner allowed me six weeks at this process.  This was time well spent in understanding the support structure that showed up on the bottom line.  It gave me the wisdom that i needed to move forward with effective wisdom.

Having someone participate across their domain in the real world of each department is one way to help them understand the broader concepts of success through wisdom.

I have been called soft on leadership, seen as avoiding conflict and in many cases called out by my own teams.  The process outlined here is the basis of good fundamental leadership.  It plays out differently with each person.  I know that even if i choose to support this coaching aspect, it may still fail.  But i also know that those who plant the seed do not always receive the harvest.  The harvest may come two jobs later for the individual.  When we practice humanity we are saying that we plant seeds not just for our own benefit but also for the future of others.  I have always felt that every person deserves my best leader capabilities.  Not perfect, but best practice.

There is one decision that will eventually have to be made.  Change is difficult for humans, once set within their own narrative.  Each leadership encounter cannot always carry the individual to the finish line.  You may need to set them on a journey to the next leg of their growth journey.

For 2018 let’s look at our own view of our team members and their “status” and turn it into a plan to plant new seeds from where they are, help them get to where you are standing.

Great wishes for your 2018

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Randall Burns

3 years ago #28

Agreed Geoff Hudson-Searle Great points and insight, but can I keep my "flip phone"?

Harvey Lloyd

3 years ago #27

Thanks for your insights Geoff Hudson-Searle. I couldn't agree more. The methods and the motivation of information is a very dynamic place right now. CEO's would do well to keep in mind the message should still be based in the fundamentals of leadership. Whether you post it, blurt it from a bull horn or use native smoke signals. The methods, as important as they are, are not what makes a company great. My personal opinion is that the buzz and bright lights have taken away from the message. Again thank you for your posts and comments here. I enjoy our discussions and gain insight into a corporate world i left many years ago. Happy New Year:)

Geoff Hudson-Searle

3 years ago #26

Interesting buzz Harvey Lloyd I really enjoyed reading your prospective and hearing about your experiences. Leadership is widely being discussed the pace of digital disruption has left 50 per cent of businesses and public sector organisations fearful or worried that their organisations will not be able to keep up with what is still to come over the next five years. It is clear that as technology continues to transform business models, a new breed of corporate leader is emerging who is digitally-savvy and assiduously curious. Rather than fearing change and obsessively trying to retain control, the most accomplished CEOs accept that for an organisation to compete globally and attract and retain the best talent, they must be highly collaborative, operationally focused and ruthlessly strategic. It is not enough for businesses to simply be aware of digital advance they must interpret what these could mean for them and how they might benefit. Senior executives of large incumbent organisations have many legitimate concerns and questions about the opportunity that digital presents.

Harvey Lloyd

3 years ago #25

Those are difficult settings. We recently changed our focus and had to work with 2 key team members find new jobs. The process is always pensive but these came out well. Thanks for your thoughts and stopping by. May the new year bring you a bounty of peace and joy

Lisa Gallagher

3 years ago #24

"There is one decision that will eventually have to be made. Change is difficult for humans, once set within their own narrative. Each leadership encounter cannot always carry the individual to the finish line. You may need to set them on a journey to the next leg of their growth journey." We had to do this recently and it's actually going to benefit us and the person who will be beginning a new journey in his own life. Positive outcomes can come from setting someone on a new journey for both parties if done properly. Great buzz Harvey Lloyd

Randall Burns

3 years ago #23

#16 LMAO!!! It's -35C here in Northern Alberta Boys. :-) (For you Americans -40C is = to -40F; this temperature is the same on both scales, just to give you a perspective)

Randall Burns

3 years ago #22

Haha! Harvey Lloyd You've given me a great idea, an inspiration for a new post, "Ego". Agreed that "definitions" can be tricky, especially when written, (as opposed to a "face to face" conversation), words have many different connotations for different people. At the risk of sounding critical, which I'm not, my intent is to be supportive and illustrate what has motivated me to write this new article is your comment of, "Honest feedback sucks. No way around it" That sentiment comes straight from the Ego. I will expand upon this, and other aspects in the article. Always a pleasure to have these great discussions with you Harvey, I do appreciate your perspectives as well. See you in The New Year!

Harvey Lloyd

3 years ago #21

This time next year, Lord willing, i would rather name five people who each of us impacted. We are -6.1 here and there doesn't seem to be any let up in the near future. The world is going to hell in a hand basket. I get it. The question is what remnant will be left? Maybe one of the five we have challenged ourselves with to grow?

Harvey Lloyd

3 years ago #20

Ego is the part of your writing i enjoy. Your confidence self esteem in profession and willingness to boldly discuss topics is refreshing. Pride is not the glimmer of a job well done definition i was referring, it is the pride we hold as our identity that we foolishly hold on to and rest our ego upon. We all have the pride issue as it is part of our identity, the foolishness is when we cant let go of an identity that aint workin for you within your own goal framework. I agree with your perspective and yes definitions i have found are a bit tricky here on BeBee. Its a learning curve for myself. I had to reevaluate my identity from the definitions stand point and accept new definitions in meeting new people. Honest feedback sucks. No way around it. But the alternative is to wonder through life thinking your right while everyone else is cashing out. Give me the feedback. Customer expectations aside, as i am always ears when they describe what they expected, its the attitude, that as i grow older i find harder to swallow. But if you are in a business that has customers, then you better have thick skin. Because feedback is the road to success. Extending this expectation in to team members is aptly placed. Have a great new year start and keep the words coming, i enjoy your perspective and thoughts.

Harvey Lloyd

3 years ago #19

Appreciate the comment and the share Franci\ud83d\udc1dEugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador. Happy new year.

"For 2018 let’s look at our own view of our team members and their “status” and turn it into a plan to plant new seeds from where they are, help them get to where you are standing." Spot on Harvey Lloyd! Happy New Year!

Randall Burns

3 years ago #17

Continued from #17; If the "team" is cultivated with the same priorities in mind then any "feedback" given or taken can be assumed to be with "the priority" in mind. In the restaurant business this could be, "The customer is the #1 priority" so any feedback, regardless of where it's coming from or what direction it is going to can be interpreted as fulfilling that priority. I say "given or taken" as it's not just myself giving feedback as a manager but it's also taking feedback from my staff, a very important point and proven daily as I still learn new things from them as well as teaching them. No ego involved, everyone working toward the same goal." https://www.bebee.com/producer/@renee-cormier/how-to-give-feedback-without-being-a-jerk The "pride" extends to the accomplishments of our proteges, it's shared when they've crossed hurdles in their development, their knowledge and wisdom. It is a reflection of the Karmic interaction of "mentoring" which is a very large aspect of "leadership". Agreed that a difficult aspect is leading someone out of their perceptions of their "box" to see other "boxes" outside of their paradigm. Part of leadership is recognizing that some people are content in their comfort zone. I've worked with excellent Cooks who only wanted to do breakfast as an example, never wanting to advance beyond that and I learned that they were a valuable asset right where they were. The bottom line of Leadership is that we're grooming future leaders and like "Mentoring" we strive to produce a better "product" than we ever were. It is a joy to "HELP" people to achieve their true potentials. Again excellent post and it has generated some excellent discussion. Happy New Year to you and your's Harvey, Wishing you the best!

Randall Burns

3 years ago #16

Excellent post, as usual Harvey Lloyd, "Spot on" with your points and perspectives. You are absolutely right when you say that it is a matter of perspective so the first point I will address is your comment of, "In leadership we carry the burden..." I view it as a "joyful challenge", a "labour of love" in that while the road is sometimes difficult with many obstacles, (or perceived obstacles), it is the successes that are gratifying and fulfilling. A great leader enjoys leading, there is no other way of being successful with it. There has been a lot of discussion about "Ego" and each of our perceptions differ as to what "Ego" actually is. I don't agree with your comment of "Pride" as everyone should take pride in their work, that is without "Ego" being involved. This is a comment I left on Ren\u00e9e \ud83d\udc1d Cormier article regarding Feedback which I think is pertinent to here; "Great post @Renée 🐝 Cormier I think you hit the "nail on the head" in your opening paragraph with, "The ego is a fragile thing" in that it ALL hinges on our egos but I have to disagree with your sentiment about the ego. Our egos are NOT fragile, they should be fought relentlessly and daily, (I battle mine every day), and it is a worthy battle. They do us absolutely no good especially while trying to learn/teach/mentor, and give or receive "feedback".

CityVP Manjit

3 years ago #15

That is why I love the words "good morning" and "good night" because we get to experience the 360 degree version of merry first thing before we get out of bed each day and the 1 degree of reflection as the last thing before go back to bed each night. Thankfully I don't work night-shift, but as artificial intelligence eats up "automizable" blue collar and white collar jobs, it will be strange saying good night to the family when the morning is when we then go to bed. The industrial revolution was not happy for all but for those who it made unhappy, their sacrifice led to wiser regulation, but we back to the beginning of those days when the protections that were hard won have eroded and so we start another machine revolution from the same baseline. If people want to let their hair down at this time of the year it is probably because they know they worked harder than they wanted to during the year, but I can't chill at this time of the year because it literally is -17 centigrade outside and if I were to chill I would actually be dead now :-) So it is this learning space has no beginning and no end, until something happens that interrupts this flow, but the jobs reality - that is not as happy as a happy wish scenario or so it is as I point to in my To Languish or Not To Languish buzz https://www.bebee.com/producer/@cityvp/to-languish-or-not-to-languish This time next year we can switch roles, I will bang the drum of tribal convention and you can Harvey lead this paradoxical revolution :-)

Harvey Lloyd

3 years ago #14

Joel Anderson Thanks for the thoughts and may your new year bring sightings of Sasquatch. My hope with the seven words to encourage us to take a moment and see others from where they are, and as a leader develop thoughts of getting them forward. Sounds simple in concept, but very challenging these days in a highly judgmental society. If each week we took 10 minutes and set judgement aside and discerned what it would take to get two people on the same page, the world would be a different place.

Harvey Lloyd

3 years ago #13

I agree the fundamentals of leadership have been with us for sometime, millennia. I find that many leaders today have lost these basic concepts, or at best see it through a framework of whats in it for them. Thanks for your insights, and maybe just maybe ground hog day will turn into ground breaking day in 2018. There is always hope. Although not a plan, hope offers us the opportunity to be merry for the eve of the new year.

Harvey Lloyd

3 years ago #12

Thanks Kevin Baker appreciate the metaphor and your comment. Happy New Year

Harvey Lloyd

3 years ago #11

Thanks Ali \ud83d\udc1d Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee. Have a great new year with family and friends.

Harvey Lloyd

3 years ago #10

Thank you for your comment and wishes. Leadership is a tough topic as we move into the new year. You seem to have a great grasp of the concept.

Harvey Lloyd

3 years ago #9

With humility comes safety, the ladder is stand on only has one rung off the ground, when i fall, which is often, i don't get hurt. Happy new year and thanks for stopping by.

Harvey Lloyd

3 years ago #8

You were kind with the word butchered, thanks for stopping by. Happy new year.

Joel Anderson

3 years ago #7

Harvey Lloyd Thanks much for a great read. Your seven words are simple yet significant on multiple levels. "Help me get to where you are." As I read this, the word "flow" caught my eye and its relevance to your cycle of four states. For me, in the world I currently operate within, flow is a critical element of helping those within my team get them to where they want to be and get both myself and others to where they are. Far to often I find all of us getting lost in the noise, distraction and business of it all. We lose sight of the "So What" and the rest of the W,W,WW & H of it all and the fact that in saying those seven little words, we can actually arrive at a new level of understanding, comprehension and action. Well done.

CityVP Manjit

3 years ago #6

It is funny how in time stamping a buzz about leadership how we actually reduce the shelf-life of this content. Take away the 2018 from this buzz and you have a buzz whose information is valid 24-7 throughout an entire year. Ultimately even some corporations don't adopt this mentality and so an corporation whose fiscal year starts in October are already 3 months into their business new year. Corporations have done more than redefine our ritualistic view of time, in the US they have acquired the rights to personhood (which is something that will never sit well with either of us as human beings), so corporations now have legal rights as "people" and do not also follow the rituals that as a tribal form of leadership that all of us follow. Corporations still indulge in end of year festivities such as employees in the retail sector who must work their hardest to meet Christmas sales demand - and there is always one law at this time of the year for the bosses and another for employees, indeed our prescriptions don't talk about the hypocrisy of leaders at this time of year but how to manage the hordes called employees http://business.financialpost.com/executive/management-hr/7-ways-to-avoid-the-office-christmas-party-descending-into-debauched-disaster An office party is not a good time to air a sexual harassment video because we can learn leadership anytime and in any given moment each day. Adding 2018 to leadership assumes that corporations see things as people do and that point we don't have to point out that corporations are not people, we just accept human nature as it is and begin another year. For me the end of year and new year feels far more like Groundhog Day but leadership, it does not need a time stamp unless it has a sell by date.

Great insights on leadership.

🐝 Fatima G. Williams

3 years ago #4

Part II. If every team is told that "Everyone has access to knowledge and will be allowed to discern this knowledge and make decisions. The years ahead will be an age where individuals gain wisdom and have the ability to self reflect and accurately self assess. Thank you Harvey Lloyd for being an exemplary leader I look upto look and can learn from, for when a leader stops passing down the knowledge& experience he gains, he is no longer one. Wishing you, your family and your team a Happy 2018. A year of planting more seeds of such wisdom to people that cross your path or interact with you.

🐝 Fatima G. Williams

3 years ago #3

Part 1. This is a buzz for all leaders across the world to read Harvey Lloyd And let's be prepared for they will simply nod smile and walk away. For todays leaders are more caught of being the system as you had mentioned and hence want to walk away if everything doesn't fall in place. They don't want to be accountable for the actions of their teams and hence teams are forced to follow the system least their creative ideas should be implemented and fail. There is no room to learn as the warning has already been made. You will lose your job if you don't follow x,y,z. The fear is set and maintained and many companies do succeed under this kind of leadership. What you are suggesting is a renaissance in leadership.The hope is that the seeds you set, grow into beautiful leadership examples for our children and generations to come.

Lisa Vanderburg

3 years ago #2

Great clarity and wisdom, Harvey Lloyd! If there's one impression you have left out of how I see you as a leader, it would be humility. Happy New Year!

Pascal Derrien

3 years ago #1

a humble approach to a topic which is in the process of being butchered by the various so called gurus out there who lack discernment and wisdom ;-)

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