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2 years ago

Agreements, Sex, and Then vs. Now...

Dave Worthen · Have you ever seen lightning snap a telephone power line? · That baby explodes with violence. · Right. · Because everything’s flowing just jim-dandy on those lines until something breaks it. · Agreements: · Agreements between two people are made up of a much more powerful force t ...

3 years ago

You Need to Listen to Your “Creepy Alarm.”

Dave Worthen · Have you ever been in a meeting with the goal of getting a project done or a goal set, and as you go around the table asking questions your Spidey Sense pings when you hear Jason’s answer? · It sounds soooooo good. · But something about his response hits your internal radar that ...

4 years ago

The Feeling of False: From False Eyelashes to False Co-Workers

Dave Worthen · False is a funny word. Just the word false itself. · False eyelashes. False Notes. False Co-Workers. False Friends. · Someone says, “This is a True or False test.” · And when you hear the word true, it kind of resonates with you because you want to be true, true to your word, tel ...

4 years ago


Mark Blevins · I saw some friends last week. They told me Friday the 13th was coming up and asked me if I was ready for it. I told them except for some horror movies I don’t even know what Friday the 13th is even about. · They laughed and said they just sit around watching old horror movies li ...

4 years ago


Joyce 🐝 Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee · I often feel like the harbinger of doom-and-gloom. There are so many issues that I see as important. Most of them result in death. Some have happy endings. · Fiction has been a respite for me. I don’t indulge in it often. It feels like a desert after a burnt roast. It’s hard to i ...

4 years ago

The Counter-Culture Inside Your Business

Dave Worthen · There is possibly a counter-culture inside your business that keeps your business from growing. · Practically every business I visit has this. It’s the first thing I look for. Why? · Because the derivation of the word culture means to till. You know, like Farmer John. Till the ...

4 years ago

Facebook Inside Your Business: Big Deal, or No Big Deal?

Dave Worthen · Where do you hide something so no one can see it? · Right in broad daylight where no one would look. · Carl is the CEO of a Fortune 1000 Company. He and several other executives answered my survey regarding the effect of Facebook in their businesses. · It was quite the eye-opene ...

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