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Ravi Ka

Ravi Ka

Architect and Lead Ruby on rails Developer
Fairfax, Fairfax


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About Ravi Ka:


  • Experienced Information Technology professional with a proven track record spanning 14+ years in APAC, Europe, and USA. Broad expertise in delivering top-notch services across diverse industries including Banking, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Financial Institutions, Consumer Products, E-commerce, and Education sectors.
  • and 7+ years of experience working as a Lead Ruby on Rails Full stack DeveloperArchitect, and Manager. 
  • and 6+ Years of experience working as a Ruby Programmer. 
  • and 2+ Years of experience working as a Python Programmer. 
  • And 3+ years of experience working as a Frontend UI developer with React JS, AngularJS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, BackboneJS, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, and related frameworks/libraries.
  • Responsible for requirement gathering, technical design, wireframing, resource management, effort estimation, SLAs, work allocation, testing of custom objects, refactoring, issue resolution & bug fixes, and final delivery of custom objects. 
  • Worked with the pre-sales team to do technical scoping and come up with the technical effort estimate for the project.
  • Highly experienced in Implementation and Support projects.
  • Extensive Experience in the preparation of functional, and technical Specifications, and end-user training Documents.
  • Have worked on projects in agile scrum methodologies and also have experience in pair programming.
  • Ability to effectively present information and respond to questions from groups of managers, clients, and customers.
  • Good experience in Incident Management, Problem Management, and Change Management processes. 
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills and Customer Oriented attitude.





Have expertise in Analysis, Design and development of web apps using the following concepts using Ruby. 

  • UI Development: React JS, Bootstrap, JavaScript ES6, Angular JS, CSS grid and Flexbox, HTML5, RESTful API, CSS, SCSS, JQuery, Functional & object oriented programming (OOPs).
  • Cloud: AWS, IBM Bluemix, Azure Devops, Heroku
  • Editor: VS Code, RubyMine, Sublime text & Vim..
  • Wireframing: InVisionapp, Balsamiq, Adobe XD, Sketch, Omnigraffle.
  • Version management: Azure Devops Repos, Github, Bitbucket
  • IOT: IBM Watson IoT, Node-RED
  • Cloud Saas: IBM Bluemix, Amazon (AWS: EC2, S3), Azure Board, Heroku, Digital Ocean, Engine Yard.
  • DBs: PostgresQLMySQL, CouchDB, MongoDB, Redis and SQlite3.
  • Testing: Rspec, Capybara, Tosca, Karma and Jasmine.
  • Rubygems: Restforce, Devise, Doorkeeper, Omniauth, CanCanCan, aws-sdk, Resque, Elasticsearch, liquid, fog, Jbuilder, active_model_serializers, stripe, Formtastic, CarrierWave, Paperclip, Twilio, SendGrid, decent exposure etc.
  • Web Services: RESTful API, SOAP.
  • Web Servers: Passenger, Nginx, Puma, Unicorn and Webrick. 
  • Monitoring Tools: Azure DevOps, New Relic (APM, Synthetics, Insights and Plugins), Airbrake, Dead Man's snitch, Papertrail, Log entries, Sentry, TrackJS.

Message Queueing: RabbitMQ, AMQP.


Infosemantics Inc.


Commscope, Ashburn, VA      August 2019 – present
Role: Lead Ruby on Rails Developer / Architect


Customer-facing online portal for Dell act as an OEM, reselling Ruckus products under Dell’s name and branding. The portal includes user onboarding, product registration, user management, documentation, and a dell admin area.

  • Major Integrations to connect and transfer data between applications. System integrations with Salesforce API, flexera API and SAP to read/update the product’s information like POs, SOs, and Licenses, subscriptions etc.
  • Technology stack - Rails 6, 5 & 3, Ansible Docker, MySQL, JSON Web Token(JWT), RESTful API, Javascript, and Cloud saas AWS  - S3, cloud watch, load balancers, etc and Airbrake for application monitoring.
  • Frontend stack - React, Webpacker, Yarn, Javascript, HTML, SCSS, Bootstrap.
  • Using Azure repos and GitHub for version management and Azure pipeline for continuous deployments.
  • Azure DevOps - Project management, requirements management, automated builds, version control, and reporting.


  • Build an app for purchasing and licensing bundled access points and ruckus cloud products.
  • Developed an integration tool for MDM data clean-up. 
  • Built a new 2-factor authentication login for sales users, who aren’t required to register for viewing the portal.
  • Developed a feature for the users to activate the product subscriptions and licenses with heavy integration to Salesforce API and Flexera for license management.
  • Built an OAuth 2.0(Authorization Code flow) API application for cloud communication between various apps in different regions.
  • Built an application for Automatic product Features, documentation, and software upload on SQL Database.
  • Integrated Google Recaptcha V3, for form submissions and registrations.
  • salesforce integration to a rails application using restforce gem and SOQL.


Infosemantics Inc.

Cherokee National Business 

NIFA USDA, Washington, DC      March 2019 – July 2019
Role: Lead Ruby on Rails Developer 


NIFA is to stimulate and fund the research and technological innovations that will enhance American agriculture and make it more productive and environmentally sustainable while ensuring the economic viability of agriculture and production.

  • Support the inherited architecture and upgrade the applications, stabilize and health check the environments.
  • Apps are built on Jruby 1.7, Rails 3 & 4, Torquebox, Github, CAS for central authentication system , HOBO, DRYML, MySQL, Red Hat (RHEL) 6, 
  • On-premise - Torquebox 3.1


  • End User and production support.


Infosemantics Inc.


Kimberly Clark (Onvation), Roswell, GA Dec 2017 – Feb 2019 
Role: Architect / Lead Ruby on Rails Developer & IOT cloud Developer


Onvation Technology is an IOT based smart restroom management system that provides up-to-the-minute monitoring of restroom conditions from any device or location, 24 hours a day. In addition to signaling whether dispensers are empty or full, it provides actionable data, analytics, insights, real-time alerts (work orders) and malfunction of devices. Onvation improves the restroom efficiency by reducing the waste, optimizing consumable inventory levels, and responding to problems before they cause complaints.


  • As an Individual contributor I provide production support, foresee and proactively propose architecture support, build microservices, maintaining health of apps and maintenance, team management, assigning tasks, provide estimates to stories and bugs, prepare deployment/sprint plan and interact & gather requirements from the client or mostly self-initiated tasks and coordinate with offshore-onsite teams.
  • API is built using Rails 4.2.1, Ruby 2.3.3, RabbitMQ, JavaScript, HTTP & HTTPS, HTML5, ReactJS, Redux, CSS, RESTful API, AJAX, jQuery, CSS Grid, CSS Flexbox and python. 
  • Error tracking tools: New Relic APM / Browser / Synthetics / Insights / Plugins, TrackJS, Log Entries. 
  • IBM Bluemix Cloud saas– Cloud Foundry, Cloudant DB / CouchDB, DB2, Object Storage, Node-RED, Watson IOT, Continuous Delivery, Gitlab, SendGrid, Twilio, Paper trail and SoftLayer.
  • Product is developed on the MAC OS & Linux Ubuntu 16.04 LTS environment. 
  • Gitlab version management as central repository and version management 


  • Have developed APIs to wire up applications and IOT Devices.
  • Grideye python application for motion control monitoring.
  • Migration of data to DB2 from Cloudant DB.
  • Spin up and maintain FTP/FTPS servers on Softlayer.
  • Architected and integrated the GOJO and Onvation systems.


Infosemantics Inc.


Teaching Channel, Chandler, AZ June 2017 – Nov 2018 
Role: Lead Ruby on Rails / Manager


  • Teaching Channel is a multi-platform service delivering professional development videos for teachers over the Internet and on television.
  • Major tasks are to maintain the code, AWS support and maintenance, manage the team, assign tasks, provide estimates to stories and bugs, prepare deployment/sprint plans and interact with the client and gather requirements and coordinate with offshore-onsite teams.
  • Provide production support and develop new features for ongoing development.
  • Sprint planning, Creating subtasks for main stories.
  • Built a site using Rails, Ruby 2.3.0, Coffeescript, HTTP & HTTPS, HAML, SASS, RESTful API, BackboneJS, AJAX, jQuery , AWS and sunspot solr for Elastic search and Localeapp. 
  • Error tracking tools : Sentry , New Relic APM, Dead Man's snitch, TrackJS, Log Entries 
  • AWS - EC2, S3, Cloudfront, SES, CloudWatch, RDS, IAM and OpsWorks.
  • SSO - OAuth, LTI, LDAP integration.
  • Product is developed on the MAC OS & Linux Ubuntu 16.04 LTS environment. 
  • Github version management as central repository and version management 
  • Using Teamcity for continuous deployment and MYSQL as a backend database.
  • Deployed the application to Amazon Web Services (AWS) . 
  • Used common libraries such as Devise, CanCanCan, decent_exposure, paranoia, kaminari, sunspot and capybara etc.


  • Have developed the Facilitator and Admin Dashboards.


Infosemantics Inc.

E&M Pharmacy, Orange, NJ Apr 2016 – May 2017
Role: Senior Ruby and Ruby on Rails Developer


  • Deals2OTC is a B2B e-commerce application for selling/buying healthcare products online by the vendors to the customers.
  • Built a site using Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Coffeescript, HTTP & HTTPS, HTML5, SASS, RESTful API, JavaScript, AJAX, and JQuery.
  • Gather Requirements from client and prepared both functional specification and Technical Specifications.
  • Have upgraded the system from Rails 4 to Rails 5.0.2.
  • Wireframed the layout using Balsamiq. 
  • Product is developed on the Linux Ubuntu 16.04 LTS environment. 
  • Github version management as central repository and version management 
  • Jenkins for continuous deployment and Postgres as backend database.
  • Have developed the front-end on AngularJS.
  • Managed Versions in github and deployed to production using Heroku.
  • Credit card Payments done using stripe and active merchant gem.
  • Deployed to cloud saas Amazon web services(AWS) . 
  • Used common libraries such as Rspec, Capybara, Factory girl and Resque.
  • Sales related data for products are gathered by using RESTful API's .
  • RSpec (TDD) is used to specify and test controller classes, models, view templates, helpers and routing to improve the application in code designing and to reduce code.
  • Prepare UTPs and bug tracking using JIRA.


  • Have Independently developed the complete web application. 


HCL Technologies Ltd., Hyderabad, India      Aug 2013 – Mar 2016
Role: Senior Consultant & Ruby on Rails Developer


  • Developed a Performance appraisal app using Rails.
  • Site developed using Ruby on rails, AngularJS, HTML5, HTTP & HTTPS, SCSS, RESTful API, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, AJAX, MySQL and bootstrap.
  • Coordinate with the client and offshore team.
  • Product was developed on the Linux Ubuntu 14.04 LTS environment. 
  • Developed technical project schedules, plans task assignments and time estimates.
  • Send email notifications after initial review by 1st, 2nd reviewer and finally send to HR.
  • Worked with Lead and Manager to develop time estimates for project tasks.
  • Database Management, Data Modeling, Presenting Technical Information, Problem Solving, Strategic Planning, Data Maintenance, Verbal Communication.
  • Involves in developing the user authentication pages using Devise ruby gem.
  • Deployed on Amazon AWS and assets on S3 bucket.
  • Creating and maintaining project documentation, in accordance with established standards.


  • Rollout to different geo-locations.


HCL Technologies Ltd., Noida, India    Dec 2011 – Jul 2013
Role: Senior Consultant & Ruby on Rails Developer 


  • Developed iCRM application.
  • Integrated the app with SMM(shift management module).
  • Developed the app using Rails, Angular JS, HTTP & HTTPS, Ninja Ruby, HTML5, RESTful API, JavaScript and bootstrap.
  • Product was developed on a Linux environment with the MYSQL database as backend.
  • Get the requirements from the client and prepare FDS & TDS.
  • Resolving defects and content management.
  • Database Management, Data Modeling, Presenting Technical Information, Problem Solving, Strategic Planning, Data Maintenance, Verbal Communication.
  • Implemented sorting, auto completion and paginations functionality for the entire application.
  • Provide validations and scope for many models in the database and created many associations within those models.
  • Deployed on Amazon AWS and assets on S3 bucket.




Masters of Technology from JNTU University, India 2006

Bachelors of Engineering from University of Madras, India 2004



  • Trainings:

Angular 4, React JS, Backbone JS, Node Js, Express JS, Mongodb, Ember JS, CoffeeScript, TypeScript


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