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Traveling Safely During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Traveling Safely During The COVID-19 Pandemic


Travel has been difficult to do since the COVID-19 pandemic shook the United States back in March. Many people had to cancel their trips because locations were no longer taking tourists or because they didn’t feel comfortable traveling during a pandemic, fearing they would catch the virus or bring it home to a loved one. Fast forward to today, and travel has loosened up quite a bit. Although many places are allowing tourists and people are traveling in all sorts of ways, that doesn’t mean it’s one hundred percent safe to do so. Travelling is currently on an “at your own risk” basis, so it’s up to you to understand that you’re at risk by going on a trip and subjecting yourself to environments where you could contract the virus. If you’re really itching for travel, or need to travel for work or family reasons, here are a few tips to help you do so safely.

Go Somewhere Less Crowded

If you’re trying to go on a vacation, a great way to keep yourself safe is by avoiding crowded travel destinations. Many people have chosen to go to beach areas, meaning many of them are packed and leave little room for you to comfortably enjoy yourself. To top it off, many people will choose to not wear their masks even if the area they’re in requires it. A good recommendation to avoid crowds on your next vacation is by going on a camping trip. Bring a small group of people who you feel comfortable being around and set up tents at a campsite or rent a cabin in the woods. You’ll be able to have a fun outdoor experience with friends and family while keeping everyone safe.

Think About Transportation

One of the most important things to think about when you decide to take your trip is how you’re going to get there. Depending on where you’re going you’ll likely have various options, all that have their own upsides and downsides. Flying is likely the most popular choice for travel in general, but it can be a rather high risk. Every airline is handling the pandemic differently, so it’s important you look into how the airline you’re choosing is keeping its customers safe. Train and bus travel have similar risks, especially if the vehicles are crowded. A great way to take a train or bus and protect yourself is by booking a ticket during an off-peak time where it’s less likely to be crowded. Ultimately, your best option will likely be to drive yourself if you have that option. You know where your car has been and where the people driving with you have been, meaning you’re ultimately in more control of the situation and your health.

Pack a COVID-19 Safety Kit

If you’re insisting on traveling, it’s wise to pack yourself a COVID-19 safety kit with all of the essentials to protect you and your loved ones. Your safety kit should have items such as masks, hand sanitizer, anti-bacterial wet wipes, and possibly even spare bars of soap. Disposable masks can break if not properly taken care of and non-disposable ones are likely to get gross with more use, so it’s good to have backup masks when you need them as opposed to using the same one your entire trip. Hand sanitizer can be useful for quick moments when you want to clean your hands but don’t have access to a place to wash them, but it’s also wise to bring some soap with you to make sure you can wash your hands when the opportunity arises. Wet wipes can be useful for wiping down surfaces you touch such as tables or doors as well.

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Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris

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Will all this help anyone avoid the mandatory quarantine that travelers are expected to do when visiting or coming from a Covid-19 country? I kinda doubt it!

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