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Roofless (poem)


Sheltered by it, day after day,
we tend to see it as an integrated part
of our ambiance and of our heart,
as we watch our perspective decay.

You may think of this as something aloof,
not worthy of any consideration pragmatic,
you may even view it as something dogmatic,
or maybe you see it as merely a roof.

But what lies beyond it you may not see,
perhaps not even feel if your psyche is dry,
in the wok of your mind this won't ever fry,
as entirely roofless your mind must be.

Without a roof, security is out of place,
your thought can now flee and with nature unite,聽
with its train you may at strange stations alight,
as your heart is filled with empty space.

Yet, it鈥檚 a space full of pure light
once born from those many distant suns,
a living force that men鈥檚 laws it shuns,
and leads us away from the roof鈥檚 plight.

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Fay Vietmeier

1 month ago #11

@Zacharias 馃悵 Voulgaris 


I never cease to be amazed at the wonderful new poets being raised up around me .. 馃嵂

If your park inspires this way 

Go there often .. and play 

.. with poetry not essay 


Roof of your house is not your real roof; the walls of your house are not your real walls, your fists are not your real fists! 

Your real roof, your real wall, your real fist, your real shield is your right thinking! 

It is your right thinking that protects you from every danger!" - Mehmet Murat ildan


Don't complain about the snow on your neighbor's roof when your own doorstep is unclean." - Confucius 


A house without a roof would scarcely be a more different home, than a family unsheltered by God's friendship, and the sense of being always rested in His providential care and guidance." - Horace Bushnell


I share this inspiring metaphor in poem 馃槆

Zacharias 馃悵 Voulgaris

2 months ago #10

Paul Walters

2 months ago #9

Thank you . Made my day!!

Zacharias 馃悵 Voulgaris

2 months ago #8

Debasish Majumder

2 months ago #7

wonderful buzz @Zacharias 馃悵 Voulgaris ! enjoyed read and shared. thank you for the buzz.

Wow! Brilliantly penned @Zacharias 馃悵 Voulgaris. A metaphorical delight!

Jerry Fletcher

2 months ago #5

Slowly I am coming to revere the poetic form. Thank you Zacharias for walking with me on this, for me, arduous road. And so it goes.

Zacharias 馃悵 Voulgaris

2 months ago #4

Jim Murray

2 months ago #3

Nice work. Excellent metaphor.

Zacharias 馃悵 Voulgaris

2 months ago #2

Javier 馃悵 CR

2 months ago #1

how daring you are ! a poem in a non-native language ! you are a phenomenon @Zacharias 馃悵 Voulgaris  !! 

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