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One rough weekend

This weekend has been a bit rough. Saturday morning a good friend of mine died. Just over 48 hours later my grandfather passed. And for each in their own way, it was time, but for we, who remain, it was a rough weekend.

Normally at this point, I would remind you to “carpe diem”; seize the day. I would advise you to spend less time at work and make sure you attended your children's plays and performances. I would direct you to never miss one of their games but that is not today. Today I would simply remember that regardless of how we live we will one day die.

This inevitable truth will come along regardless of the choices we make. We generally do not like to discuss or even think about this eventuality. We leave religious talk and philosophy to times when they are appropriate. But weekends like these remind me that not all my friends are ready to die. They have most likely made great choices preparing for their future but not their eternity. Some do not believe in an eternity instead holding to the position that at death life simply ends and that is all. I hold to the position that they will be sorely mistaken.

Throughout history, there has been the belief that something follows death. Something happens to our soul. But lately (historically wise) this belief has begun to vanish like the morning mist on a lake, slowly dissipating as the sun rises. But just as the sun never ceases to exist even when it's light is no longer visible so life does not cease simply because it is no longer held in a body.

Are you ready? I truly hope you will spend many more days enjoying the sunrise and the smiles of your friends and family. I hope that you will prosper both in your business and your friendships. But I also pray you will be ready for that last day.

May today be a day of joy and peace as you use it well. May your rest be sweet and your mornings bright. And yes, don't spend too much time at work.


One rough weekend
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Greg Rolfe

11 months ago #10

Indeed they did Sir.

Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris

11 months ago #9

I'm sorry for your losses. I'm sure they went to a better place...

Greg Rolfe

11 months ago #8

Yes Pascal Derrien we will see and I truly hope us both the best. Have a great day sir!

Pascal Derrien

11 months ago #7

Very sorry to hear this Greg, as you know you believe in stuff I don't but it does not mean I am right or you are wrong...we will see

Nick Mlatchkov

11 months ago #6


Greg Rolfe

11 months ago #5

Very Very true Ken Boddie

Ken Boddie

11 months ago #4

I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend and your grandfather, Greg. Your grief, however, affords the opportunity to table the ultimate question which we all ask when those close to us pass away. The answer we choose to accept is as variable as life itself, but we can be sure that, one day, we shall either be right or wrong.

Greg Rolfe

11 months ago #3

Harvey Lloyd I continually search and pray for the words that might spark the search that leads to life.

Harvey Lloyd

11 months ago #2

My condolences for the losses. We can be expecting, but never prepared. These times do cause most to look up from their feet and see the broader picture. I have lost several friends and know of ones still alive not prepared for the journey after death. I pray for words that might change the course of events. Your honesty and humility are encouraging for me.

Randall Burns

11 months ago #1

My condolences Greg Rolfe Great message I can relate...

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