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New York City Financial District Overview

New York City Financial District OverviewAS

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oH -EEE\(Ellis Island, taken from Battery Park)

New York City Financial District Overview

9/11 Memorial
New York City Financial District

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’(9/11 Memorial Reflecting Pool)

As a child, I vaguely remember driving through New York City with my parents.  We did not stop.  I recall the skyscrapers, but nothing else.

018d006f.jpg(Looking back at Manhattan sailing out to sea)

When we decided to take a Disney cruise to Bermuda, sailing out of New York City excited me.  I really knew very little about the city except what I learned from TV and movies:  bodies float in the East River (Seinfeld), subway rats are enormous (Good Luck Charlie), and Wall Street is a horrible, greed filled place (Wall Street,…).  Hollywood does not always paint accurate pictures, though.  So, I looked forward to seeing for myself.

38bd0a76.jpg(“Red Cube” by Isamu Noguchi on Broadway)

Working full time, left me a tight schedule.  We had hoped to stay near Times Square and Central Park, but my wife found a wonderful, less costly hotel in the Financial District of Manhattan.  With just a day to roam, I chose to stick close by.

First Impression

19cb31e8.jpg(70 Pine Street, home of our hotel)
Our first introduction to New York City came during our Uber ride from LaGuardia to our hotel.  The Manhattan skyline reaches up to the clouds; not just a hand full of buildings, but for miles and miles.  Our hotel, Q & A Hotel, is located at 70 Pine Street in a 67 story structure, just a block from Wall Street.
7110c762.jpg(Staring up at One World Trade Center)
We had heard how rude New Yorkers could be and how dirty everything is.  Our interactions were all positive, though.  From the airport food court to the hotel and wandering the streets, people were friendly and helpful.   At least LaGuardia, our hotel, and the New York City Financial District were all clean, too.

Touring the New York City Financial District

Morning Run

a9fdfaaa.jpg("Fearless Girl" on Wall Street)
I mapped out a nice 7 mile run that took in every site that I wanted to see including crossing the Brooklyn Bridge.  A cool, light rain fell, but it did not dampen the experience.  I ran along both the East River (It was still dark, but I didn’t see any bodies), Battery Park, the Hudson, and from site to site.
2b4084db.jpg(Part of World Trade Center Plaza)
Early Saturday morning in Manhattan is quiet.  I had the streets almost completely to myself.  I passed a few other runners, dog walkers, and friendly police officers.  Running across the Brooklyn Bridge, then turning back provided a magnificent view of the Manhattan skyline.  Unfortunately, my GoPro camera malfunctioned and I could not take any photos!
c068a5d9.jpg("Figure Balancing on Dog" near Battery Park)

The World Trade Center complex was roped off at this early hour.  I quite enjoyed the Hudson River Greenway, Battery Park, and finishing up Broadway and Wall Street.

I returned with my son later and we retraced portions.

Wall Street

809975f2.jpg(New York Stock Exchange)
We wandered along Wall Street past Trump Tower, the New York Stock Exchange, and Federal Hall.  I did not know that George Washington was inaugurated president there.


2d4c8e66.jpg(Trinity Church)
We walked along Broadway by Trinity Church and St. Paul’s Cathedral on our way to City Hall and the Woolworth Building.

World Trade Center

cdec9a0e.jpg(World Trade Center)
Next, we headed to the World Trade Center Plaza.  This was our most anticipated and the most dramatic part of our walk.  It was now completely open.
496d22ac.jpg(My son pondering the 9/11 Memorial)

When the attack on the World Trade Center happened on 9/11/2001, I was sitting on a couch in a condo in Sandestin, Florida feeding my then 4 month old son a bottle while I watched TV.  I watched the tragic events unfold while clinging to him.  I couldn’t help but think back as I watched him peer into the 9/11 Memorial pools.

fb534101.jpg(Inside the Westfield World Trade Center shopping center)
To me, the whole setting is bold, beautiful and amazing. One World Trade Center towers defiantly overhead.  The Westfield World Trade Center shopping center swoops elegantly like a bird in front of the plaza.  The 9/11 Memorial pools, with the names of the victims inscribed on the edges, provides a serene tribute and a perfect setting to reflect.

Battery Park and the Statue of Liberty

5e67a805.jpg(Statue of Liberty)
No visit to lower Manhattan would be compete without gazing out at the Statue of Liberty.” Give me your tiredyour poorYour huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.”  We are a nation of immigrants.
2b59316f.jpg(Flowers in Battery Park)
Battery Park itself pleasantly surprised us.  I did not know that such a beautiful area of flowers and trees marked the tip of Manhattan.
692686d5.jpg(World War II Memorial in Battery Park)
The World War II Memorial gave pause to think, too.  I found several names from Kentucky inscribed in the stone.

Charging Bull and Fearless Girl

d0722c7d.jpg("Charging Bull")
As we walked back along Bowling Green to our hotel, I hoped to get good photos of the Charging Bull and Fearless Girl statues.  It was late morning now though and both were teeming with tourists (like us!).

Final Impressions of the New York City Financial District

d41dacf8.jpg(Federal Hall, where George Washington was inaugurated president)
I had never really contemplated the history of Manhattan.  From the Dutch settlers through the founding of the United States, the Industrial Revolution, and up till today, this small parcel of land has played an important role.
5cf4801b.jpg(Trump Tower in the rain)
Everything is so compact.  From our hotel, I could walk 1/3 mile to the Brooklyn Bridge, 1/3 mile to Battery Park, 1/3 mile to City Hall, and 1/2 mile to the 9/11 Memorial.  Again, our interactions with New Yorkers were all positive.  The New York City Financial District felt safe, too.  I left completely impressed and thankful to have visited.
1d0b1461.jpg(Battery Park)
When we return, I hope to explore Times Square and Central Park.  There is so much more to see!  The New York City Financial District was a great place to start, though.


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Renée 🐝 Cormier

6 months ago #7

Definitely on my list of cities to see! Thanks for sharing.

Brook Massey

2 years ago #6

I am glad you like it Clau Valerio!

Brook Massey

2 years ago #5

Thanks Paul Walters. That means a lot from the best travel writer I know.

Paul Walters

2 years ago #4

Brook Massey Great piece and pics thank you

Brook Massey

2 years ago #3

Thank you Bill Stankiewicz, \ud83d\udc1d Brand Ambassador!

Nicely done

(Nacho) Ignacio Orna

2 years ago #1

Excellent report Brook Massey. Excellent pictures New York city boy.

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