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Last Call: Register for No Longer Virtual

Last Call: Register for No Longer Virtual

Or regret missing out on this inaugural event...

Did you see the article in Forbes that mentioned the inaugural No Longer Virtual as a "can't miss" conference in 2017? We like to call it the:

"Best and Cheapest Conference You've NEVER Heard Of"

Register today for $450 -- don't miss this opportunity (here's a post about our agenda) to learn how to better share your story, build advocates in clients and employees, reach your target audience, and so much more!

Deadline to register: February 10, 2017

Why no keynote speakers at No Longer Virtual?

Think about the last conference you went to, and the people you met in the audience. Did it seem like the audience members had great experience and insights on the topics provided by the keynote speakers? Did you think they could have contributed more to the session?

Did you have the best conversations, the best insights between sessions and at the end of the day at the hotel bar?

No Longer Virtual doesn't have keynote speakers because this conference leverages the incredible experience and expertise of the participants. NLV is about YOU.

Hotel reservations must be made by Monday, January 30, 2017 to take advantage of the awesome rate offered by the Ritz in Downtown Atlanta.

Do you talk about doing something new, taking risks, and stepping out of your comfort zone? Or do you DO those things? Don't be one of these guys:

No Longer Virtual.
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