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Knowing what you believe

Knowing what you believe

I expect most of you if not all of you have had conversations about finding the truth. And I expect you have come across the statement “what is truth”. And I expect most of you have tried to simply explain the definition of truth, such as:

1a(1): the body of real things, events, and facts : ACTUALITY

(2): the state of being the case : FACT

(3)often capitalized : a transcendent fundamental or spiritual reality

And while this is not the full definition it acts as a guide for the conversation. Interestingly enough this does not actually help with the discussion. So how do we talk about truth?

The reason I bring it up is there are times I would like to discuss morals versus ethics but the very differences are lost in the conversation. Morals are self-held beliefs that are for all intent and purposes immutable. While ethics are a set of beliefs that are as flimsy as society since they are literally a set of behaviors and beliefs that are dependent on the current societies held norms. This distinction is apparently difficult to understand. Perhaps even by myself as I am the one seemingly confused in these conversations. But back to the point. Without a basic understanding of truth, this discussion regarding morals is dead before beginning.

So the very question of what is true or what are facts or even what actually is becomes more than a cliche but the actual foundation of the discussion. Even if we toss out spiritual reality as many of us hold positions that vary significantly and any discussion of truth is difficult at best but that leaves us with at least actuality. But the more I talk with some individuals that too is not true.

So I guess that morals or personally held beliefs exist but are far from immutable, which means they are actually ethics. Right?

What do you believe? And perhaps why do you believe it are two of the most important questions you can answer. So perhaps that is why these slowly yet ever-increasingly evaporating truths are dying.

Do you even know what you believe anymore, and why you hold to those beliefs? I certainly hope so.


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Greg Rolfe

6 months ago #16

Hi Jerry, no sir, I have not heard the saying "wrapped around an axle". I guess I will have to do some study. Have an amazing day!!!

Jerry Fletcher

6 months ago #15

Ever hearthat old saying, "wrapped around an axle" that 's what I feel like having read this string And that's the truth!

Greg Rolfe

6 months ago #14

Ken Boddie I am looking forward to your post!!

Comment deleted C

6 months ago #13

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Ken Boddie

6 months ago #12

They say that too much mastication, John Rylance, makes you go blind.

John Rylance

6 months ago #11

Ken I look forward to chewing the cud with you over your ruminations.

Ken Boddie

6 months ago #10

During many years of providing advice as a consultant, Greg, and also as an ‘expert witness’ in court disputes, I’ve learned that information can be parcelled in three major forms as follows: • factual; • interpretation; and • opinion. The category in which the information arguably belongs or is presented has, I believe, much effect on propensity for misinterpretation and misrepresentation, and hence deviation from the ‘truth’ or a form of truth. It’s sad that many who read and accept information do not consider in which of the above categories their ‘truth’ is wrapped, before they either accept, reject, or consider such ‘truth’. Thanks for the prompt to ruminate on this topic, Greg. I feel a post coming on. 🤔

Greg Rolfe

6 months ago #9

@john Rylance "to the best of my ability". I wonder if many even try? I know that is harsh and not even close to "true", but sometimes I am heavily leaning that way. Have a great day!

Greg Rolfe

6 months ago #8

Hi @Pascal Derrien. I expect you are correct that politics and yes even religion highjack truth. You also mentioned perspective overriding or commanding truth. So yah, truth is hard to come by. Not that truth is allusive but that it can be hard to recognize.

John Rylance

6 months ago #7

Truth is often arrived at as a consensus of various interpretations of the same thing. Example six people witness an accident each has their own interpretation of what occured. None of which totally agree. Result is the Police will take action on the basis of probability has to what actually happened. Its debatable whether the result is the true reflection as to what happened. Perhaps in court we should add to swearing to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, to the best of my ability.

Pascal Derrien

6 months ago #6

Truth seems to be a denominator for all of us no matter who we are and where we are and to certain degree no matter what we believe or not. To me personally this is the ultimate value. Nothing comes close now truth is sometimes (often) highjacked for political or religious purpose. Many would argue that there are different versions of the truth based on one's interpretation of events .

Greg Rolfe

6 months ago #5

Thanks John Rylance. It is said that searching is half the fun. The truth is indeed out there (music added). Thank you for the illustrations!

John Rylance

6 months ago #4

OOPS Just noticed an elusive "the truth" is missing from the last sentence A case of without the truth rather than the truth without.

John Rylance

6 months ago #3

THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE. X-FILES Someone somewhere somehow knows what it is. Seek and you shall find. GOOD LUCK Bear in mind like the crock of gold at the end of the rainbow is very elusive

Greg Rolfe

6 months ago #2

Hi Harvey Lloyd "Instant truth" that about sums it up. Trying to have a conversation on morals is a bit difficult. I agree that truth is much more than what is currently or what has ever been popular. Thank you for adding your thoughts!

Harvey Lloyd

6 months ago #1

Truth is a very long journey. Today we find ourselves that want to create instant truth. A truth that we just need add water and a little branding. If we are to deal with truth as our ancestors new it we must start at four major areas. Origins, meaning, morals and destiny. Truth must deal with each of these with wisdom and understanding. If the truth is to be lasting.

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